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JEP Cast
Japanese / Johnny's Entertainment Podcast
[038] The One Where We Play Games (of Love) 
11 17 08
Misc - Photography Love
Date: 2008-11-15
Running Time: 1:42:14
Size: 46.3 MB
Download Links: MU | MF
Hosts: Jennie, Kamika, Peyton & Rhey

Note: If the streaming isn't showing the latest episode, please clear your cache and refresh.

O P E N I N G   ( 0 : 0 0 )

     ▪ KAT-TUN and their technological savviness [ 1 ]
          ▪ Kame & Nakamaru like to watch each other eat over the internet
          ▪ And everyone ignores Junno

N E W S   ( 4 : 4 3 )

     ▪ Goro has a supporting role in new Jdrama, Triangle [ 12 ]
          ▪ Jennie wonders if she walked by Goro in Paris without noticing
          ▪ Rhey turns stalker
          ▪ Peyton is horrified that we will be hearing really crappy French

Tackey & Tsubasa
     ▪ Takki on Music Station performing Ai Kakumei, Nov 14 [ 1 ]
          ▪ We are not impressed, Takki. We are not impressed.
          ▪ "A week without Johnny's on Music Station is a very strange week indeed."
          ▪ "Wait, there are juniors dressed up like girls in this?"
          ▪ "Doesn't that make you feel like Takki is the girl in the story?"

     ▪ Koyama and Shige at Illumination Event, Nov 13 [ 1234 ]
          ▪ "Basically they had to press a button." "But a really BIG button."
          ▪ Rhey turns stalker again
          ▪ Koyama dresses for Peyton

     ▪ Kame's new drama, Kami no Shizuku [ 12345 ]
          ▪ We discuss Kame's alcohol habits
          ▪ New KAT-TUN theme song! Wait? What about RESCUE~ Tokubetsu Koudo Kyuujotai?
          ▪ "I'm trying to scratch my mind... carve my mind... whatever. I'm not making sense."
          ▪ Kame is playing a salaryman. Does that mean he's cutting his hair? :O

Johnny's Juniors
     ▪ Uchi's upcoming solo concert [ 12 ]
          ▪ "The title says 'Formerly NEWS' but it doesn't say anything about Kanjani8"
          ▪ Are we reading too much into this?
          ▪ Something big always happens at countdown. Is this Uchi's year?
          ▪ Peyton talks and talks and pretty much states everyone's opinions for them

     ▪ New temporary group, TU→YU, debuts with Soba ni iru yo [ 1234 ]
          ▪ "No one says Yaotome, yo."
          ▪ How can people be worried this is a permanent group?
          ▪ "Oh my god, Massu is going to have to quit NEWS to join TU→YU!"

D R A M A   ( 3 4 : 0 0 )

     ▪ Tiger & Dragon 1-4
          ▪ Both Jennie and Kami are immensely grateful that we started with the special
          ▪ Peyton forgets what episode 1 was about
          ▪ Kami is plotting someone's death... or maybe a suicide?
          ▪ We flail over the hilarity... a lot
          ▪ Tora & Megumi are perfect for each other because they are both self absorbed
          ▪ We spaz over the fact that they mention Jounetsu Tairiku
          ▪ Tiger and Dragon and Silver!

L E T T E R / Q U E S T I O N   ( 1 : 0 3 : 0 5 )

     ▪ What are you likes/dislikes, thoughts & impressions on NEWS' Tegoshi Yuya?
          ▪ Listener responses from x_strangerrr, aralana & cynicalism. Girl.
          ▪ Kami and Jennie are feeling the Tegoshi love
          ▪ Rhey and Peyton aren't as much. He's just there.
          ▪ Rhey feels pedo about Tego... even though he's a year older than her
          ▪ "Yay, Tegoshi!" "... Right."
     ▪ Next week: If you could ask either a JE group or idol ONE question, what would it be and why?

C L O S I N G   ( 1 : 1 6 : 0 0 )

     ▪ As it was a mild news week we decide to play our own version of Intro Don!
          ▪ Jennie spazzes and obviously didn't plan enough ahead of time
          ▪ Can you guess who won? No, seriously. It's pretty obvious >.>
          ▪ Let us know how many you got right!

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Voicemail: 206-202-3859 or Skype username 'jepcast'
11 17 08 (UTC)

no i'll just wait until you guys talk about massu.
11 18 08 (UTC)
... you do realize that our bowl of boys has like 50 names in it right? It may be a bit before we get to him >.>
11 18 08 (UTC)
o i know. and when the time comes i will say nothing at all. :D
11 19 08 (UTC)
you know, you only hurt yourself when you're spiteful.
11 18 08 (UTC)
11 18 08 (UTC)
lol it's more like she's using the same coding she uses for the website.
11 18 08 (UTC)
oh! you are right! i'm so dumb.

i'm listening to the intro don it's so much fun!
11 18 08 (UTC)
lolol i expect she was lazy to change it over for later.

I know! It was hysterical.
11 18 08 (UTC)
you know me so well. actually it was that and I was too lazy to not use the template all ready to go right in front of me XD
11 18 08 (UTC)
Great episode! I loved the Intro Don haha that's such a great idea. And yes. :D
11 18 08 (UTC)
Oh good. We were a little bit worried it wouldn't be as much fun to listen to as it was to play >.>
11 18 08 (UTC)
I kept flailing and going "oh I know it!" and my computer the whole time bwahaha it was fun. Hey but something that might make it even more interesting would maybe be the person who looses the most gets a batsu point or something? Just a thought. :)
11 18 08 (UTC)
I love the Intro Don :D !!! Please please do it again! I realized I don't really know most of the JE songs either T__T
11 19 08 (UTC)
We are planning on it! We are also toying with the idea of bringing a listener in to play part of it with us! (I'm assuming from your crying emoji, you wouldn't be interested? XD)
11 19 08 (UTC)
Oh rly?! That'd be interesting! NO, I WOULD LOVE TOOO. If only you don't mind me failing throughout the segment xD
11 19 08 (UTC)
Well, once we figure out when and how we're going to do it, make sure you let us know you're interested :D
11 19 08 (UTC)
Sure! Will do :DDD
11 20 08 (UTC)
If you could ask either a JE group or idol ONE question, what would it be and why?

Is the JE member obligated to answer truthfully? Cause I only have one thing in mind and I'm very sure Kame would never answer it. I'm gonna ask him what is his most memorable/treasured experience he had with Jin.
Because the Akame fangirl in me is dying to know. I would love to ask Jin the same thing too!
11 21 08 (UTC)
Great episode girls! The Intro Don was great fun to listen to and play along. You should do it more often! I think I got like 7 or something...

As for your question. I've always wondered if the boys really believe in the songs they sing. I'd love to ask any JE boy or group (probably NEWS though cause they have a lot of uplifting 'go for it!' songs, but I know they aren't the only ones) if they've ever thought of one of their own songs or lyrics during a hard time. Do they firmly believe in all the 'happy happy' things they sing about? I don't mean contently or anything. Just over all. Cause aren't they told what to sing most of time? Yeah, I'm really curious about this one xD
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