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JEP Cast
Japanese / Johnny's Entertainment Podcast
[#37] The One With An Arashi Overload 
11 09 08
仁 → three past four in the morning
Welcome to the thirty-seventh episode of JEPcast, recorded on November 8th with your hosts Kami/tinyangl, Peyton/ginzarhapsody and Rhey/4_03_am. Jennie/jadedfrenzy is off vacationing in Paris this week. Yes, the rest of us are really jealous.

The One With An Arashi Overload
Running Time: 01:20:06
Size: 36.6 MB
Download Links: MU | MF

Streaming Audio:

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Show Notes:

▪ Japanese programming on American television, ooh la la. *_*

JE NEWS (4:46)

  ■ New single, Beautiful Days: onetwothreefourfive.
  ▪ Lol, everyone has trouble saying Wasurerarenai.
  ▪ Peyton loves this single, but Kami, not so much. Yay, balance?
  ▪ Has Aiba done nothing this year???

  ■ Beautiful Days PV: onetwothree.
  ▪ OMG I want those pretty lights for my room; who cares about practicality!!
  ▪ MatsuJun's hair looks horrible; he looks like a girl-- a girl with a terrible bowl cut.

  ■ Nino on Channel Rock: onetwo.
  ▪ Nino doesn't cook, does too much magic, values bonds of friendship over romance, etc.

  ■ Hey!Hey!Hey! appearance: onetwothree.
  ▪ HIDEOUS AIBA PANTS. What does wearing this potato sack have anything to do with feelings of nostalgia???
  ▪ Aiba splits open his pants! Nino helps rip the hole bigger!
  ▪ Arashi proves they don't suck at their own game.
  ▪ No one tells Aiba their secrets! Even though he's supposedly a good secret keeper.

  ■ Utaban appearance: onetwo.
  ▪ Arashi are the teacher's pet on Utaban; they get the longer interviews.
  ▪ Arashi performs in Korean and Mandarin, with various levels of success...
  ▪ Aiba goes "hm hm hm hm." Might as well have been going "watermelon watermelon."
  ▪ Sho sets his ringtones to Arashi songs and then is embarrassed for it, lol.
  ▪ Toda Erika has nothing to say to Nakai, because, according to Ohno, she "doesn't like Nakai." Cue fight.
  ▪ Recounting of ~The Hakone Trip~ that Arashi's talked to death by now.

  ■ Music Station appearance: onetwo.
  ▪ Ohno is the Japanese Harry Potter!
  ▪ Perf is boring, but, uhh, pretty sets?
  ▪ MatsuJun likes to molest Ohno's knee.

  ■ Aiba and Hina (KANJANI8) have butais: onetwothree.
  ▪ Peyton is dying.

  ■ Massu and Nakamaru to star in drama together: onetwothreefourfivesix.
  ▪ Rescue rangers? Power Rangers? It's morphin time?
  ▪ Massu's charatcer's name, likey, is not Shigeru, and thus, won't be called Shige, okay?
  ▪ Firemen version of Code Blue?
  ▪ Massu eating nikuman. (This is an official invitation to cynicalism to skin Peyton. \:D/)
  ▪ OMG, promos with Maru and Massu! *_*
  ▪ Speculation on who'll be doing the theme song...

Kansai Juniors
  ■ Concert schedule: one.
  ▪ Yamazaki Kunta-- I have nothing to say. Peyton takes it to the gutter.

DRAMA TALK (41:19)
  ■ Tiger & Dragon SP.
  ▪ Five minutes with Peyton-sensei: summarizing T&D, explaining rakugo, elaborating on casting, fangirling over Itoh Misaki, etc.
  ▪ The clever method of story telling employed by this drama is very impressive.
  ▪ Tora's (Nagase) image: the yakuza with a big dick.
  ▪ OMAE NO KAACHAN!!!!! (your mom)
  ▪ Capsule hotel! It looks so cool. *_*
  ▪ Nagase's too good at playing this Yakuza-type character. Feels like Toraji was written specifically for him.
  ▪ Peyton talks some more about Itoh Misaki...as expected.
  ▪ next time: Tiger & Dragon, episodes 1-4!

  ■ this week's question: What would you like to see the JE boys dress up as for Halloween?
  ▪ Listener responses from gingifere, quiraikotsu and mrsfinny.
  ▪ Massu as a pumpkin, Yamapi as a dead fish , Shige as Phoenix Wright, etc.
  ■ next week's question: What is your impression of Tegoshi Yuuya? Tell us what you like about him, what you dislike, etc.

  ▪ Kanjani 8 member Rap!!
  ▪ Ryo the LAST FRIEND, Yasu's GayGAY(???), Hina's tough job, Yoko the Wonderboy, etc, etc.

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Arashi - Beautiful Days
Limited Edition :: cdjapan / yesasia
Regular Edition :: cdjapan / yesasia
11 09 08 (UTC)
I feel terrible I haven't been able to listen lately, but I do keep an eye for new posts. <3


My impression of Tesshi. At first he was the cutie I kept getting confused with Shige cause at the time I got into NEWS, they both hand longish hair so it was easy for me to get them confused. Now he's this adorable god like cutie whose smile always makes me happy, even if Notti's my favorite.
11 09 08 (UTC)

I look forward to listening to this tomorrow and learning what this is about...
11 10 08 (UTC)
lol, i thought of you and your fic while writing that part of the post. XD
11 10 08 (UTC)
Dies. That fic...Which will never see the light of day!
11 10 08 (UTC)
i'll listen to this when i get home later :P

ohh and BTW the Utaban "one" link, is the hey hey hey "one" link xD lol
11 10 08 (UTC)
oops, my bad. thanks for catching that one. have fixed with the proper link now. :D
11 10 08 (UTC)
Another great episode girls!

It makes me sad that our digital cable makes us pay if we want Japanese tv ;o;

Ahh Tegoshi. My impression of Tegoshi is he knows he's adorable and he using the whole bring the youngest thing to his advantage (sorry Shige...). Because he is an idol I can look past his fault of being harmlessly selfish but if I knew someone like that in person I don't know if I would put up with it. I'm kinda sad he has grown to be kinda slutty when he was such a cute, innocent kid that dressed badly. I wish he keep his hair shorter too >.>;;;
11 10 08 (UTC)

My first impression was that, OMG, WHY IS HE SO PRETTY! HE'S PRETTIER THAN ME AND ANYONE IN MY SCHOOL!! It's such a sin. ;_; (I first saw him in the Weeeek PV and back then, his hairstyle made him look so girly) His vocals are amazing to me that it sends chills down my spine when I hear him hit high notes o.O I respect him a lot for many reasons; He debut as NEWS after just 8 months in JE, he's innocently self-centered, he laughs as hard as he wants without being aware of who's around him, whatever brave challenges he takes on on ItteQ, yadayada. xDDD Although he has grown to be so-called Tegoslut, I still love him for his dorkiness~

There's nothing that I dislike about him, really. Oh wait, maybe he should stop changing his hairstyle so often *__*

11 11 08 (UTC)
:looks up from sharpening knives: mmwhat?

ok not gonna lie, i totally listened just for the nakamassu. XD ♥ totally think you should start a new section in january where you talk about a currently airing drama. just saying.


girl. girl. how can a boy be so pretty. girl. looks bad with blond hair. girl. makes me feel inferior as a woman. girl. stop messing with your hair tego. girl. looks kind of like a kogal lately. girl. i really want his body. like, literally i wish i had his figure. girl. rain angel otp. the girl half.

...no i'm kidding don't use this.
11 11 08 (UTC)
i hope you know this only means that in the next letter segment, i'm not even going to bother paraphrasing and will just read that out VERBATIM. :D
11 11 08 (UTC)
.....why do you want fandom to HATE me? D:
11 11 08 (UTC)
lol what. everyone ADORES you.
11 11 08 (UTC)
uhm. i am pretty sure they adore tego more. LOL.
11 11 08 (UTC)
This is why I love you Rhey. Please do.
11 11 08 (UTC) - Re: your suggestion
your bias. It totally doesn't show. lol If we'd done something like that, we would've started THIS season with Ryuusei no Kizuna, yo.
11 11 08 (UTC) - Re: your suggestion
...but you didn't start this season. so. you can start fresh in the new year. :D? :D? :DDDDD?
11 11 08 (UTC) - Re: your suggestion
oh god YES
11 11 08 (UTC)
11 11 08 (UTC)
you're back! :D
11 12 08 (UTC)
Shhhh... still recovering XD
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