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JEP Cast
Japanese / Johnny's Entertainment Podcast
[#36] The One Where KinKi Isn't Kinky 
11 04 08
SO SORRY SO LATE. prease to kick jennie for the lateness :Dv But despite that delay, we still manage to bring you the thirty-sixth episode of jep_cast recorded on November 1st, 2008, starring the regular four hosts - Jennie/jadedfrenzy, Kamika/tinyangl, Peyton/ginzarhapsody, and Rhey/4_03_am. It's our SUPER!SPOOKY Halloween episode and while it is late, think of it as an opportunity to relive your Halloween fun once more. :D

The One Where KinKi Isn't Kinky
Running Time: 01:17:46
Size: 35.6 MB
Download Links: MU | MF

Streaming Audio:

Note: If the streaming isn't showing the latest episode, please clear your cache and refresh.

Show Notes:
  ▪ "Halloween was what? ...yesterday?" XD
  ▪ "I kind of wish I had studied instead of going to the party." "Wow. That's saying something."

JE NEWS (5:44)

  ■ Someone breaks into Kimura Takuya's home
    ▪ "...so meaning it was a fangirl instead of a thief." ;P
    ▪ Do YOU know who tried to break in to Kimura's place? Be a global citizen and save your idol! XDDD

  ■ Inohara on Tokyo Friend Park II, October 27th
    ▪ "What the heck, why is Inocchi on V6?" "He's on the rest of his band!"
    ▪ Tokyo Friend Park II enforces weaker female stereotypes and Rhey and Kami protest!
    ▪ "We didn't actually talk about Innochi and this was his segment. Wow." XDDDD

  ■ Solo Concert for Tsubasa, December 19th-25th
    ▪ "I knew she was going to say that." "Because she's lame and doesn't have anything else to say."

  ■ Solo butai for Koyama in 2009
    ▪ Yay for Koyama. (flailing reserved for the end XD)
    ▪ "If it's like Shige's, it could be really bad." "...I'm just going to leave that out there."

  ■ "Musekinin Hero" single, October 29th 12345
    ▪ Kami gets lost in the music. Literally. ;)
    ▪ Rhey and Jennie have failed to see the awesome of the DVD clips. :OOOOOOOOOOOOOO kami and i are alone *wibble*
    ▪ They missed all the GOOD STUFF in "TORN". ;_;
    ▪ This is their highest selling single to date you guys! SO AWESOME! :Dv

  ■ Domoto Kyoudai, October 26th
  ■ Utaban, October 30th 12
  ■ Music Station, October 31st
    ▪ Hina's new beard thing? WE APPROVE. :Dvvvv
    ▪ Chinchin in the dressing room, boys in lingerie, and Johnny-san, SURPRISE! \:O/
    ▪ Ryo gets his self-portrait appraised for some BIG MOOLAH.
    ▪ The shadow of Last Friends will forever follow Ryo. >.<
    ▪ Ohkura and Hina share a new, deep and abiding bond (with ass). XD
    ▪ Yokoyama tries to cross language barriers (and pretty much fails). :P

  ■ Solo butai for Yasuda in 2009
    ▪ Yay~ (still reserving flail for the end :Dv)

  ■ Akanishi's first starring movie role, Bandage not Bondage 12345678
    ▪ You can hear Kami smiling from the very first word. ;P
    ▪ Jin debuting as lead of a rock band with a CD? FLAIL FLAIL. \:D/
    ▪ "It's disturbing to think that the band era from the early 1990s is already twenty years removed because that means I'm old."
    ▪ Leave it to Peyton to bring the flail down into depression. sorry ;_;

  ■ Solo butai for Ueda in 2009
    ▪ Peyton's two favorites have solo butai at the same time and she won't be there? BLASPHEMY. T_T

DRAMA TALK (38:38)
    ▪ Four episodes of Kowai Nichiyoubi and two episodes from Kaiki Club! (check them out here!)
    ▪ "You're so pathetic."
    ▪ "You can't even remember the clip, just the CHEESE."
    ▪ "Kame is so ugly when he does this." "THANK YOU FOR SAYING THAT. I was holding back!"
    ▪ "You know that it's really lame if Kami is saying it's lame."
    ▪ "...hey look! It's my childhood, in lovejuice."
    ▪ We feel bad for Ryo-chan. Poor baby. Literally. XD
    ▪ Ryo's drama wasn't creepy as in scary, but more interesting in the parallels to his real life.
    ▪ "It's like JE!perrogative. JE equals running."
    ▪ Rhey strives to rewrite it all and bring on the proper creepy (and logic too). ;)
    ▪ Tackey apparently was well-disguised as a chibi. Or something. ;)
    ▪ GHOSTWRITER! this segment really brought us back to our childhood XD
    ▪ Of course the best episode was the one that Peyton didn't watch. ;P
    ▪ Next week, we start our first week of Tiger and Dragon (starring Nagase Tomoya and Okada Junichi) with the drama special that started it all even before the drama series began! (you can find it here!)

  ■ This week's question - What is your impression of Nagano Hiroshi
    ▪ Answer from supersaiyansf (where are you V6 fans?! ;_;).
    ▪ Jennie teaches Peyton new things about Nagano! \:D/
    ▪ A lot of us had our first introduction to Nagano via Kimi wa Petto. ;)
    ▪ What's with all the quitting and coming back to JE by the V6 members? (conspiracy theories? *grin*)
    ▪ Next week's question is "What would you like to see the JE boys dress up as for Halloween?"

CLOSING (1:14:38)
  ■ Oricon Style's Top 10 groups with strongest group bond
    ▪ NEWS versus Kanjani8? Who really has the stronger bond? :O
    ▪ "No, KinKi is not related. Because that would be kinky!" :Dv

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11 04 08 (UTC)
What would you like to see the JE boys dress up as for Halloween?

Hmm, what an intriguing question...I would love to see someone in JE dress up as a pumpkin. Maybe Ryo, because he's pretty small, and mostly because it would be endlessly hilarious. Clearly KAT-TUN should dress up as either a rock band or a punk bad, a. to show support for Jin's film, and b. just because it would hit one of major kinks. Arashi should clearly dress up as a rainbow. Or the teletubbies. Sho can be Noo Noo.

Don't ask me about NewS. I guess they would make hilarious Power Rangers or something...

Downloading this when I get home :)
11 04 08 (UTC)

Also, Arashi as Teletubbies = awesomely appropriate

11 04 08 (UTC)
You guys are soo~~ late this week :0 Otsukare all the same :)

Pi= dead fish costume, with holes for his eyes :D
I second Arashi as the teletubbies.
Kanjani8 as Power Rangers, FOR OBVIOUS REASONS. I am being so unoriginal here. Maybe they should be office workers like in that PV.

And Tegoshi should go as a hooker. ;D
11 08 08 (UTC)
What would you like to see the JE boys dress up as for Halloween?

I can't really think of much but, right off the top of my head, I think Shige would make an awesome Phoenix Wright.
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