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JEP Cast
Japanese / Johnny's Entertainment Podcast
[#35] The One Where Hey!Say!JUMP Saves Prostitutes 
10 26 08
CHERRY! CHERRY! JENNIE! Here is the thirty-fifth episode of jep_cast hosted by Jennie/jadedfrenzy and Peyton/ginzarhapsody while Kami/tinyangl endures the torturous wrath of the dentist and Rhey/4_03_am goes on the great quest for a mythical textbook. Or something. :Dv

The One Where Hey!Say!JUMP Saves Prostitutes
Running Time: 01:27:46
Size: 40.1 MB
Download Links: MU | MF

Streaming Audio:

Note: If the streaming isn't showing the latest episode, please clear your cache and refresh.

Show Notes:
  ▪ "...we are left to our own defenses?" "Devices." "Devices. Something that's not good obviously." XD
  ▪ "So listeners this is what you have to look forward to. An hour and half of Jennie and Peyton being crackheaded." "LUCKY YOU!"
  ▪ "What do you mean 'sober'? Do you normally drink during this?!"

JE NEWS (2:34)

  ■ NHK Documentary on Nagase to air on November 28th
    ▪ "...why'd you say his name like that? o.o"
    ▪ We are really excited for Nagase. Really. we just fail to sound it XD

  ■ Okada in a new movie, O-to-nari
    ▪ His first romance movie? Are they forgetting Tokyo Tower? :O
    ▪ What kind of sounds do florists and photographers make through walls? o.O

Ryuusei no KizunaArashi/NEWS/Kanjani8
  ■ First episode scores ratings of 21.2% 12
    ▪ One of the best starts for a TBS!JE!drama in awhile! It beats Hana Yori Dango! :O

  ■ Scrap Teacher boys on Tensai! Shimura Doubutsen, October 18th
    ▪ "...you're supposed to read these things before you actually say them, Jennie. XD"
    ▪ Yamada hangs out with a sloth. Literally. XD

  ■ Details on tracklisting for NEWS' "color" album
    ▪ "They always are full of crack because it's the only thing they can do together properly."
    ▪ YamaPi... "MOLA"... There really are no words. XD
    ▪ "...if that's not Massu, I don't know what the hell is Massu."

  ■ Air date for Shabake 2 Uso Uso, November 29th 12
    ▪ "If anyone is going to get dropkicked in NEWS, it's going to be Tegoshi. He kind of has the attitude that needs to get dropkicked sometimes."

  ■ "Musekinin Hero" PV
    ▪ Kanjani8 PVs are all becoming the same? Jennie is hardly complaining. ;)
    ▪ Koyama and Yokoyama are interchangable according to Peyton. ^^;
    ▪ Ryo rocks the headset, Murakami is perfect, and Ohkura is love in his disgusting!ness. XD

  ■ New Single, "White X'mas" 12
    ▪ Wait. This is their first love ballad? Really now??
    ▪ "...I assume it's good, 'cause I want it." XD
    ▪ Johnny, you are so brilliant with your marketing strategies. We worship you.

  ■ "Mayonaka no Shadow Boy" Single 123
    ▪ "I like to pretend that they are saying 'Jennie' complete with the vulgar dance moves."
    ▪ Hey!Say!JUMP are singing to a prostitute? The prostitute is their sister?! :OOO
    ▪ "How do you hear lasers? Lasers are a visual thing."
    ▪ Peyton bitches Jennie (and Kami) out for being anti-social on chat. ;_; nothing to do with hey!say!jump sorry

  ■ "Mayonaka no Shadow Boy" PV Making of 12
    ▪ They are such boys with their bikes and pranks and just super!cute. ♥
    ▪ Random English not from Okamoto! Such wonderful fail. XD
    ▪ Yamada is the Sex. Capital S Sex. thanks plato! :Dv
    ▪ "They are growing on me by the single. My love, it extends."

  ■ HEY!HEY!HEY!, October 20th 12
  ■ Music Station, October 24th
    ▪ "I'll mainalogue you!" "Okay. What does that entail?"
    ▪ Peyton follows in Rhey's footsteps and surely offends junior!fans. but seal!boy is cute! XD
    ▪ TegoMasu ninjas into this segment. You might need to watch Domoto Kyoudai to get it. XD

Johnny's Juniors
  ■ Asaka Kodai from the old JJExpress quits JE and joins a new talent agency 12
    ▪ The fangirls are happy! REJOICE! \:D/
    ▪ "Who's this person? And why do I care?" XDDD

  ■ Kansai's Johnny's Juniors Winter Concert 2008-09
    ▪ Overworked juniors working on Christmas. *aww*
    ▪ Peyton apologizes yet again for offending lovers of Kansai. XD i really like Kansai. really i do

DRAMA TALK (36:38)
  ■ Long Love Letter: episodes 8-11
    ▪ "...so you and I would turn into spiders."
    ▪ "Loveland, Island" as what life could be like if they weren't living in a desolate, deserted future.
    ▪ "How am I watching this drama that is the most completely unrealistic thing I've ever seen, and yet the acting is some of the best acting I've ever seen from a Japanese drama."
    ▪ Even though YamaPi's acting was stellar, we still rip him to shreds. XD poor pi
    ▪ "I love Ootomo. I think that should just be the moral of the story."
    ▪ Jennie asks the tough questions. Why is the school a circle? Why didn't they fill the hole up? Peyton fails to have answers. ;P
    ▪ Can you believe they've only been there for fourteen days? :O
    ▪ Jennie doesn't get the weird ending, and Peyton doesn't get why she doesn't get it until she watches it again herself and doesn't get it either. XDDD
    ▪ Umm, the world started turning into a desert last year? o.O
    ▪ "It's such a beautiful way to die, if you're going to die."
    ▪ "If I think too hard on it, it gives me a headache." "That is the sign of a good drama."
    ▪ Last words? CHESTLESS YAMAPI! \:D/
    ▪ Next week, HALLOWEEN SPECIAL! We're watching four episodes of Kowai Nichiyoubi ("Don't Move It"/"The Last Juice"/"Bye Bye"/"Doppleganger") and two episodes of Kaiki Club ("Woman in the Ghost Picture"/"Sleepwalking")! ooooOOOOoooo~ (all these episodes can be found here)

  ■ This week's question - If you were a JE boy, who would you be?
    ▪ Answers from aralana and dngrslyevl4, melodyprower11 (who both chose Ohno!).
    ▪ "I half-expect you to say Jin though." But instead, Jennie says Tegoshi. *pout*
    ▪ Peyton goes with Kamenashi. :O (Maybe I should just be the person in JE who cheats in all the time?!)
    ▪ Before Vanna White picks our name for next week, Peyton gets in another story that links her to a Johnny's boy indirectly. ;P
    ▪ Next week's question is "What is your impression of V6's Nagano Hiroshi?"

CLOSING (1:23:35)
  ■ Why aren't we using our normal piano transition music anymore?! *gasp* JENNIE TELLS ALL! :OOO

Email: cast@jepcast.com
Voicemail: 206-202-3859 or Skype username 'jepcast'

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KAT-TUN - White X'mas
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Hey!Say!JUMP - Mayonaka no Shadow Boy
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10 27 08 (UTC)
Peyton! Ueda cheats!!!!!! He does so a few times on Cartoon Kat-tun when they made him do some tasks, the one I remembered was him hiding a piece of gummy under his tongue when it's suppose to be in his throat or something like that. Oh and he cheated when he played table tennis with Gal Sone also on cartoon kat-tun.
Wow, now I'm remembering stuff, Nakamaru also cheats in games on cartoon kat-tun. Lol.
10 27 08 (UTC)
10 27 08 (UTC)
Thanks for another episode of JEP Cast!

There were a lot more interesting things in the Mayonaka no Shdow Boy Making video. So,I made an 'interesting things' summary-nantoka list XD.

And I'm also wondering which sounds photographers and florists make through walls. I have to see that movie!

What is your impression of V6's Nagano Hiroshi?
Until a few months ago I used to think he was a Coming Century member, because he looks so young! XD That's pretty much everything I have to say about him...
10 27 08 (UTC)
Awww man you guys should've done that 'Girl in the 8mm video'... I ALWAYS watch horror and scary films and none of them scare me but this one...
10 27 08 (UTC)
T.T Something that even scared someone that likes horror movies and stuff? I'll pass. T.T.T.T.T.T.T
10 27 08 (UTC)
Aw c'mooonnn, the more thrilling, the better :DDD
10 28 08 (UTC) - Yamapi sings tapestry
Yamapi is singing MOLA? A mola is a type of tapestry/poncho material from Panama. This cracks me up!

10 31 08 (UTC)
I'm so late at commenting, but I only just listened, so. Yay for talking about the end of Long Love Letter~! I'm glad I wasn't the only one confused. o.O Um, and I guess since it was only two people this time, and that was why, but the news section seemed to go by at a quicker pace, and that was nice! Ahh Hallowe'en special... I probably won't watch the episodes because I am a huge scaredy cat but ahah it will be fun to hear about all the boys as chibis. Okay I should stop babbling now~ :D
01 18 09 (UTC)
I saw the trailer for Heaven's Door, and it looks good. It's a remake of a German film, which was actually about two men; they changed one of the men to a teenage girl. . . for some reason.
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