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JEP Cast
Japanese / Johnny's Entertainment Podcast
[#34] The One With All The Background Noise 
10 19 08
omgcp - jack
Episode 34 of JEP Cast heading your way with hosts Peyton, Kamika, and Rhey as Jennie gets some sleep to stop from being delusional (no matter how funny it would've been to have her on). Recorded on October 18, 2008 and covering Johnny's Entertainment news for the week of October 11-October 17 as well as episode 4-7 of Long Love Letter, we hope you enjoy! ♥

The One With All The Background Noise
Running Time: 1:22:40
Size: 37.8 MB
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Show Notes:

  ■ The moral of the story is to take advantage of your kouhais who are in Japan. :D

JE NEWS (3:53)

  ■ Book published called The Reason Why I Became a Fan of Arashi [ 1 ]
  ▪ We wonder about the demographic of Arashi - they apparently call out to all sorts of ages (like 53-year-old males)
  ▪ Peyton likes to do research basically

Arashi/Ikuta Toma
  ■ Nikkan Sports Awards, Maou Wins Practically All [ 123 ]
  ▪ If we had just checked the rest of rankings, we would've saved ourselves a couple of minutes here. ~_~;;
  ▪ Code Blue fans vs. Maou fans. We don't think that's nice. DDDD:
  ▪ Blahblah, Peyton flails about Kobayashi's Ryoko Shiori. (Blahblah even though I totally agree.)

Arashi/NewS/Kanjani8 Ryuusei no Kizuna
  ■ Ryo, Toda Erika on Ousama no Brunch, Oct 11 [ 12 ]
  ■ Ryo, Toda Erika on Channel Rock SP, Oct 11 [ 12 ]
  ■ Ryo on Hanamaru Cafe, Oct 13 [ 12 ]
  ■ Erika on Himitsu no Arashi-chan, Oct 16 [ 1 ]
  ■ Nino, Ryo, Erika on Minomonta Asazubat, Oct 17 [ 1 ]
  ■ Nino on Hanamaru Cafe, Oct 17 [ 1 ]
  ▪ Kami's kindness has no reason - Peyton's freezing totally doesn't have any hold over her decisions.
  ▪ Ruh-roh, Peyton's mad at someone. WATCH OUT, PERSON!
  ▪ We wonder about Ryo's Hanamaru Cafe - how "rehearsed" was this? (He's so awkward, but it's lots of love~)
  ▪ LOL Money-conscious!Nino has to buy bentos for the entire Ryuusei no Kizuna cast and crew.

  ■ ItteQ (Tego goes to Thai Plowing Festival), Oct 5 [ 1 ]
  ▪ "I don't know about you, but when I think muddy, sexy men, I think the beach. What are you talking about?!"
  ▪ The hosts were all about Tego losing. We I was all about it too. So much LOL.
  ▪ This one vs. Austria's skiing festival... Both enjoyable?? o.O
  ▪ The start of all the Peyton background noise. Or so she says, there was so no screaming. o.o

  ■ Kame Models at HERMES 2008 [ 123 ]
  ▪ "We have KAT-TUN news..." "We do?!"
  ▪ We have no idea to the extent of Kame's modeling in the show - Did he just show up at the end? If so, ODD.

  ■ Winter Concert! [ 1 ]
  ▪ We unintentionally bash 17 year olds. XPPPP And Jennie. XP Sorry?
  ▪ I think I have random typing noises in the podcast, whoops.
  ■ Yamada and Chinen on Merengue no Kimochi, Oct 11 [ 12 ]
  ▪ REALLY CUTE CLIP. Best description. I mean, two chibis trying to push a woman wrestler, love letters at school, Chinen doing a backflip, Yamada's fail impressions... Too cute.
  ■ Music Station, Oct 17 [ 12 ]
  ▪ XPPPP The movement for "Cherry" is really... erm... vulgar. Tsk tsk, Hey!Say. Dirty, dirty.
  ▪ "He was whoring on stage." --> Guess who we're talking about. XPPPP

  ■ 1st Tokyo Drama Awards, Last Friends and SP [ 1 ]
  ▪ We seriously WTF the categories in these awards. @.@

DRAMA TALK (37:43)
  ■ Long Love Letter 4-7
  ▪ Ahahahaahahaha. Peyton blames Rhey and me for forgetting the episode summaries last week. XPPPP We were over-excited? Maybe?
  ▪ Kami is a creepy Asami/Misaki fangirl, complete with high-pitched noises and everything (which you thankfully don't hear).
  ▪ Misaki is the female version of Asami, we swear. "Except she wouldn't kiss her students." Maybe.
  ▪ We wonder just how far in the future we're talking about - decades? Centuries?
  ▪ Kami has a complete confused moment and has to ask what we mean by "culture shock." >.>
  ▪ The impact of the words "tadaima" and "okaeri" - something so simple is usually taken for granted, we discuss how the drama highlights it
  ▪ LOLOL The drama has a brief Yamapi reference - "NORIPI!" :DDDDDD (Also, Ootomo is a hella!sly player.)
  ▪ Cripple!girl - Rhey expresses some angst over her and we wonder about her actions
  ■ Next week, the last 4 episodes of Long Love Letter!! Check it out, guys~

  ■ What is your impression of Kamenashi Kazuya?
  ▪ We read the listener response from ayuzak! (We're a little surprised at the small amount of responses! T.T)
  ▪ Kami's first reaction is mainly to just say "needs a cheeseburger stuffed down his throat." XPPPPP
  ▪ Peyton does a whole spiel about Kame, including some things about Nikki.
  ▪ ♪ ~I hear the bells~ ♪
  ▪ Rhey takes the easy way out and says that everyone already knows how she feels towards Kame lol
  ■ Thanks to musical_neko, our question this week is "If you were a JE boy, who would you be?" :DDDD

CLOSING (1:18:30)
  ■ Leah Dizon is married and pregnant!!! o.o [ 12 ]
  ▪ Did anyone hear Ryo and Yokoyama's screams of horror? (And Ohkura's cackling?? lol)
  ▪ Best part was Leah's hubby say that he likes her for her "momo" ass.

Email: cast@jepcast.com
Voicemail: 206-202-3859 or Skype username 'jepcast'

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10 19 08 (UTC)
Kame is amazing :( Be happy I didn't give you guys an answer. It would have been non sensical, rambly, embarassing and ridiculous. For us all.
10 20 08 (UTC)
we all said that we were looking forward to your comment but you failed us, sarah.
10 20 08 (UTC)
I'M REALLY DISAPPOINTED IN MYSELF. I don't know why I didn't comment :( I think I was sick though so it would have made even less sense...
10 19 08 (UTC)
Yay another episode! I'm really loving the talk on Long Love Letter and I can't wait to hear what you guys have to say about the last episodes and yesh. :D Oh but I wanted to ask why you started using uhh not-piano music during the podcast? Just out of curiousity! :) Yesh. Um, that's it. Haha. Unexciting comments ftw.
10 19 08 (UTC)
I would have said something about Kame but I didn't want to echo all the talk of his awesomeness~ And I just want to encourage you all by saying I think you're doing a fabulous job!

That's a really cool question. Unfortunately I have no answer. I mean there are boys I love but identify or relate to? Not really that I can think of. I think it's because I'm so aware that they have to be 'idols' all the time I feel like I don't know them well enough to relate to them on a personal level. I know that being an 'idol' is just one part of them and I can't know the rest. As a fangirl I can accept that though, take it and love it ♥ I also can't think of a single JE boy I'm like D:

Or am I over thinking your question? D:

AND I'm really enjoying the Long Love Letter talk :DDD

Edited at 2008-10-19 11:13 pm (UTC)
10 20 08 (UTC)
- I know Nikkan Sports is nothing but a popularity contest but I'm happy for Ohno because it's his first leading role and Yamapi has gotten that award twice already. I can't blame that 53 year old author for liking Arashi because the group is funny, the members are always in dramas and Sho probably brings in some respect from the older crowd cuz of his newscasting.
- I heard Ryo was shy but I didn't know it was to that extent. O.O
- I agree with Peyton. I feel like such a pedo but I also think Yamada is hot, in a cute way. xD The way he dances is hot.
- Leah was the one who mentioned the momo ass herself, not her husband. xD He wasn't even at the press conference cuz they were trying to protect his identity. He looks like a thinner version of Kanjani8's Subaru fixed up like Johnny Depp.
10 20 08 (UTC)

you will forever have my heart.
10 21 08 (UTC)
For more information about the 53-year-old male Arashi fan and other Arashi fanboys...er, men, check out Huxley's vox (http://huxley.vox.com/).

Takeuchi Yoshikazu (the same 53-year-old) keeps a blog about Arashi here (http://takeuchi.otaden.jp/).

10 23 08 (UTC)
Hi! can i comment on the letter segment here?
I'm going to anyways so....
In JE I think I'm the most like Ohno from Arashi. It's kind of embarassing to admit but when I see him it feels almost like I'm looking at myself. The image I have of Ohno is that he's out there half the time ( like me) kind of akward (like me) a momma's boy ( I always call my mother if I have a question about Anything, although I'm still in Highschool so I have an excuse) and very artistic ( I'm planning on majoring in Art, myself. It's already my "high school major"). so yeah, It's Ohno for me.

Love this podcast btw.
11 02 08 (UTC) - nikkan sports & maou
it was fun to hear you gals talk about nikkan sports & under what category toma was nominated for.... yeah right. you could've saved minutes.... i voted for toma as best actor & campaigned for it... but at least it's still ohno from maou. everyone should watch maou coz it's something different from the rest of the doramas ... just fyi, tanaka kei & toma are now close friends. they play golf with oguri shun too.
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