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JEP Cast
Japanese / Johnny's Entertainment Podcast
[#2] The One Where Jennie is Missed 
03 02 08
仁 → three past four in the morning
The second episode of JEPcast is now up! Recorded March 1st, 2008, with your four hosts, rather, three of your hosts: Kamika/tinyangl, Peyton/ginzarhapsody, and Rhey/4_03_am. Unfortunately, Jennie/jadedfrenzy could not join us this week (because she was off vacationing and having the time of her life without us). She was dearly missed. But don’t worry! She’ll be back to us in no time as she will soon tire of the frivolities of the real world!

The One Where Jennie is Missed
Running Time: 56:55
Size: 26.0 MB
Download Links: MU | SS | MF
Streaming Audio:

Show Notes:

- Oh Jennie, oh Jennie, where art thou, oh Jennie
- Johnny’s Entertainment news for the week of February 23rd to 29th
- Billboard Launching Charts for the Japanese Industry
        - Arashi’s Step and Go is currently number one on the Hot 100 Chart!
- Johnny's: Calendars Previews for Arashi, T&T, NewS, Kanjani8, KAT-TUN, Hey!Say!Jump, Juniors
        - NewS in tin cans. Aiba’s ~*unique*~ recipes.
- SMAP: Sonomama Single Cover
- SMAP: Sonomama Special Site
- Arashi: Aiba on Gurunai, Hula Dance
        - Do you think you’re ready for Aiba’s jelly?
- Arashi: Arashi will have a 5 Major Dome Tour: ARASHI Marks 2008 Dream-A-Live
- Kanjani8: Wa Ha Ha PV
- NewS: Hey!Hey!Hey! 2008.02.25
        - Shige breaks into tears when drunk. Koyama joins him.
        - Ryo discovers Tegoshi’s M side.
        - Translation of Tegoshi's lyrics
- NewS: Translation to Bambina
- Hey!Say!JUMP: New Drama Special with Yuto, Yamada, Chinen, and Arioka
- Drama Talk: Stand up Episode 5-8!
- We love the DB4. ♥
- Letters segment!
- Thanks to manonpikamishi for providing us with music (isn't she brilliant)!
- Please leave us feedback through our community outlet and email! ♥♥♥ We'd love to hear what you think!

Also, as we are nearing the end of STAND UP!!, we need something new to talk about! Please tell us which drama you'd like us to cover next. (Please don't suggest currently airing dramas, or ones that haven't been subbed yet.) Send email to jepcast@gmail.com, or drop us a comment here. We really appreciate your input!

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03 02 08 (UTC)
I have Destiny's Child's "Bootylicious" in my head now. XP
03 02 08 (UTC)
RIGHT?! But totally awesome. *cracks up*
03 02 08 (UTC)
How about Nobuta? Or Utahime?
03 02 08 (UTC)
oh and also as a suggestion- Liar Game? It's AMAZING ♥
Gawww I was hoping the Tego(d)xGakki rumour would be mentioned here, but this was recorded BEFORE that came out I think
But still- OTSUKARESAMADESHITA on this =] !
03 02 08 (UTC)
I am dl so I have yet to be confirmed that this is greatness, but how about you review the birth, the genesis of JE and it's gayness *TATATTATTA*

PPOI !!!!

Serioulsy Aiba/PI/Takki/ Kattun and some K8
Que demande le peuple???
03 02 08 (UTC)
Nobuta wo Produce!! or how about a Kimura Takuya drama? Say Pride???
03 02 08 (UTC)
03 02 08 (UTC)
Utahime pls? :D
03 02 08 (UTC)
Vooote for Utahime :D
03 02 08 (UTC)
03 02 08 (UTC)
03 02 08 (UTC)
03 02 08 (UTC)
someone better mention the condom maypole when you do the last ep of stand-up, that's all i can say.
03 02 08 (UTC)
You guys are doing a great job! And really, Rhey, cigarettes? Bad girl. DD:< You're going to hear from me when I see you on Monday.

Oooh, drama! How about Kurosagi? Since the movie is coming out soon and people who saw the drama before will probably re-watch it and people who haven't might take the chance to pick it up.
03 02 08 (UTC)
i second. kurosagi is a good idea!
03 02 08 (UTC)
Aw I love this! Thanks :)

By the way, whats that dance that NEWS did for Yamapi when they sent it to him?

"Cool Tego's hot place." XD
03 03 08 (UTC)
It's not exactly a dance. It's a popular gag in Japan. "Sonna no Kankei ne" is what they said. Um. I don't really know alltogether THAT much about it. So yeah.
03 02 08 (UTC)
Stop losing members JEPcast! D: Although, I guess the show must go on even if someone wants to fly over to California for an extended period of time. Hmmm.

Anyway, I'll enjoy this. 8D As for drama recs, hmmm--how about hanadan? Something classic that probably every JE fangirl has seen. :D

Edited at 2008-03-02 10:12 pm (UTC)
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