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JEP Cast
Japanese / Johnny's Entertainment Podcast
[#32] The One Where We Offend NEWS Fans 
09 28 08
仁 → three past four in the morning
Welcome to the thirty-second episode of JEPcast, recorded on September 27th with your hosts Kami/tinyangl, Peyton/ginzarhapsody and Rhey/4_03_am. Jennie/jadedfrenzy is away this week, but rest assured she'll be back for the next installment of our podcast.

The One Where We Offend NEWS Fans
Running Time: 01:17:57
Size: 35.76 MB
Download Links: MU | SS | MF

Streaming Audio:

Show Notes:

which NEWS member are you compatible with?
■ lol rhey unintentionally makes enemies with fandom?
■ myojo says kami is an idiot.
■ ironically, peyton does not get koyama!

JE NEWS (5:15)

  ■ new album: super.modern.artistic.performance.
  ▪ nakai (in the middle of his solo): "guys, i'm singing! praise me!"
  ▪ "do i need to get smap in my life?"

  ■ new single: Light In Your Heart/Swing.
  ▪ nhk shounen club perf (swing, light in your heart, believe).
  ■ Channel-A.
  ▪ kami says it's hilarious, so watch it.

  ■ new arashi single: Beautiful Days; theme song for ~*meteor bonds*~onetwothree.
  ▪ "we should just say somebody's not going to do something, and then they'll have a single." NEWS SHOULD NEVER DO A DRAMA SONG EVARRR. :x :x :x
  ▪ lol this is more about NEWS than anything else.
  ▪ nakashima mika's song ORION to be insert song for ryuusei no kizuna

Arashi/Ikuta Toma
  ■ arashi and toma (with maki) on haneru no tobiraonetwo.
  ▪ ohno-man fail, aiba-man fail, oyaji doing arashi choreography, ohno and mini skirts, toma fail, maki fail, etc.
  ▪ our flail cannot do this justice. please please please watch this for yourselves. ridiculously hilar.

  ■ NEWS on CDTV: first ever Happy Birthday perf.
  ▪ two thirds of us present like the song, that's good enough.
  ▪ yamapi's youth was all about cows and baseball.

  ■ new single: Mayonaka no Shadow Boyonetwothree.
  ▪ yabu is mr. singer/song-writer extraordinaire.
  ■ hey!say!7 gets a new radio show.
  ▪ this must be je's way of targeting the adolescent fan group.

  ■ ANAN's top male ranking thing: onetwothree.
  ▪ kimura takuya would be number one on that thing even after his death. -_-

  ■ tengoku wa mattekureru
  ▪ lol we should have known better; we're sorry for picking such a lame movie.
  ▪ good parts: yay, toda erika; yay, familiar lady from kurosagi; yay, portrayal of tsukiji.
  ▪ lol the following is a rantfest! prepare yourselves. XD
  ▪ lol the sacred triangle thing shows up far too many times!
  ▪ lol kaoru has no ambition of her own. "to complete this triangle, why don't i just get a job in ginza..."
  ▪ lol takeshi asks hiroki if he can marry kaoru. kaoru has no say in her life. /rheyrant
  ▪ lol cliche crash, cliche coma, cliche waking up, cliche conflict, cliche resolution.
  ▪ lol AND HE DIES.
  ▪ toda erika (the empowered fish monger), the litte kids, and the older generation were the only redeeming parts of this movie.
  ▪ next drama: LONG LOVE LETTER, episodes 1-3! (omg, finally. so excited!!! *_* *_* *_* )

  ■ this week's question: What do you like or dislike about TOKIO's Matsuoka Masahiro.
  ▪ he seems to be synonymous with yasuko to kenji.
  ▪ listener response from supersaiyananf.
  ■ next week's question: What do you think is the best way to get people into JE?

  ▪ according to maruyama, yasu is an OL!!
  ▪ go forth, jepcast listeners, and photoshop yasu as an OL!!

Please contact us with your thoughts and opinions, here at jep_cast, in the comments, or at our email- cast@jepcast.com. You can also reach us via voicemail at 206-202-3859. Please remember that all of these methods can be used when replying to our question of the week - "What do you think is the best way to get people into JE?"! :D Get your answers in so that you can also be a part of the discussion!fun! And remember, next week, COME BACK FOR A SUPER SPECIAL JEPCAST EP!!!

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SMAP - super.modern.artistic.performance
Limited Edition :: cdjapan / yesasia
V6 - Light in Your Heart
Limited Edition A :: cdjapan / yesasia
Limited Edition B :: cdjapan / yesasia
Regular Edition :: cdjapan / yesasia

Arashi - Beautiful Days
Limited Edition :: cdjapan / yesasia
Regular Edition :: cdjapan / yesasia

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09 29 08 (UTC)

except...you know...I can't find the hardsub anywhere >.>;;; I can go from memory y/y?
09 29 08 (UTC)
s;ldkas i am ridiculously excited to be doing this one. it's one of my all time favorites. *_*

as for the subs, i'm not sure i've ever seen a hardsubbed version anywhere. i've got the softsubbed files; i just checked out jdramas, and they seem to have the same. :x
09 29 08 (UTC)
Mine too! I suggested it a long time ago ^^;;

I've been told to go there before, but yeah it's only softsub and I can't figure out softsubs to save my life (I tried..).
09 29 08 (UTC)
hmm. if you feel up to giving softsubs another try, here's what you can do:

1. download and install k-lite mega codec pack to make sure it isn't a problem of not having the proper codecs.
2. after joining up the split video files and the separate soft sub file, make sure the title of the sub file is the same as the joined video file and that they're in the same folder.
3. open the video file with media player classic, which comes with the codec pack you previously downloaded.

there are probably other ways to get softsubs to work on your computer, but this is how i did it. besides, once you install this codec pack, you can pretty much play anything and everything with media player classic and avoid any hassle of having to look for different players or codecs for different file types.

hope that helps!
09 29 08 (UTC)
err...that was me assuming you were working with windows. sorry, i don't really know anything about how or what works on mac. XD;;
10 01 08 (UTC)
Oh well I am using windows so it worked out great! Thanks so much ♥
09 30 08 (UTC)
Long Love Letter is streaming in Crunchyroll.com. That's where I remember watching it. Here's a link: http://www.crunchyroll.com/library/Long_Love_Letter .
09 29 08 (UTC)
I should finish Long Love Letter...

09 29 08 (UTC)
In my opinion, the best way to get people into JE is kidnapping them from their house, taping them to a chair, and forcing their eyes open so they can watch NEWS and Hey!Say!JUMP PVS. =D

In reality, I think the best way to get someone into the fandom is to introduce them to a variety of groups so they can pick which one they like best. Or you could just show them a random subbed clip with some Johnny's boys and when they ask "OMG who is that cutie?" you can go in for the kill! >:D

- Amanda
09 30 08 (UTC)
By the way, correction on this week's drama announcement for next week. The male lead for Long Love Letter is not named Kubozawa Yosuke; it is instead Kubozuka Yosuke. So does that make it a batsu point for someone?
09 30 08 (UTC)
*cackle* Can't say you didn't ask for it!!


Dull pencils make contact with corneas in three, two, one...
09 30 08 (UTC)
09 30 08 (UTC)
Yay, a new episode! Anyway, I never got a chance to watch the movie, and um, now I'm glad, because it sounds horrible, haha. Anyway I was listening to you guys and eating a snack and when someone suddenly said "AND THEN HE DIED" I totally spit crackers all over my compy screen, ahahaha. And I've never seen Long Love Letter, so I'll give it a try. :) And um, I'm gonna try and record myself answering the letter segment question, not because I have anything exciting to say but because it sounds like fun, so, haha, maybe I'll email that to the jepcast email later today. :)
10 01 08 (UTC)
Now as for your question. I was gotten into JE by "oh he's cute!" and I've tried getting other people in the same way. It didn't work. Now, on a different person I'm trying to get them into JE through the music. I don't think there really is a 'best' way to get someone into JE. I think it will probably depend on what the friend likes and if they are ready. Some people might not be in the right frame of mind to be won over my pretty boys and sparkles. But anyway, I think the most effective way to get someone into JE it to play towards there interests, whether it be dramas, music, or even slash.

That makes sense right? xD;
10 10 08 (UTC)
Well, here's my rather short comment;

Yes, it really is Dutch in the Swing! intro and it translates to 'Unfortunately, the connection has been disconnected because of radiotechnical reasons...' or something like that. >__<

What do you think is the best way to get people into JE?
I think it's better to find out wth got me into JE before getting others into the JE fandom. >__< My friends are way too poor to get into the JE fandom anyway. XD
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