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JEP Cast
Japanese / Johnny's Entertainment Podcast
[#30] The One With the Suicidal Chicken 
09 13 08
omgcp - jack
This is jep_cast's 30th episode, brought to you by your loving hosts - Jennie, Peyton and Kamika as Rhey had some family obligations. We hope you enjoy our thirtieth episode! (None of us can believe we've even reached this number!)

The One With the Suicidal Chicken
Running Time: 1:20:34
Size: 36.7 MB
Download Links: MU | SS | MF

Streaming Audio:

Note: If the streaming isn't showing the latest episode, please clear your cache and refresh.

Show Notes:

  ■ Ryo's sweater shows his affection, from TV Guide with Nino and Ryo
  ▪ Ryuusei no Ki- no wait, Meteor Bonds! We're spiteful little children. :D
  ▪ Warning: we curse. But Ryo started it first!
  ▪ "Well, Ryo smiles for JEP Cast, because we are talking about him today." "..." "LONG PAUSE."

JE NEWS (5:24)

  ■ Shingo in "Kurobe no Taiyou" adaptation
  ▪ Did the lead actor from the original movie "make" them not show it except in theaters? o.O

  ■ Hey!Hey!Hey! SP, Sept 8 - TOKIO VTR, Kinki Kids and KAT-TUN unaired clips
  ▪ We highly recommend you check out TOKIO and V6's Bowling Tournament on Hey!Hey!Hey!. (HYSTERICAL.)
  ▪ Kame said an explicit word, and then everyone catches the "fever" and repeats it over and over again.

  ■ Music Station, Sept 12
  ▪ Nagase isn't very impressed with Avril Lavigne. Taichi bounces along though. *gasps*
  ▪ THEY PERFORM ON FREAKING RUGS. What is up with that?!

  ■ New variety show, Levels of New Knowledge "Kumagusu"
  ▪ MOST IMPORTANT PART, Peyton tells me I did a good job in pronunciation. *PREENS*
  ▪ V6 gets pushed back to the midnight spot after being in such a prominent position - kinda sad, isn't it? :///
  ▪ Will this be a quiz show?! :DDDD That'd be fun. We theorize.
  ■ Light In Your Heart PV
  ▪ ULTRAMAN!!!! The most important point. :D
  ■ Utaban, Sept 11, Music Station, Sept 12
  ▪ Spangles, fringe, tassels - WHATEVER THEY ARE, they're horrible. We say it now, these are worse than even the skirts. HANDS DOWN.
  ▪ "Kami likes it when they jerk their bodies." ~_~;;
  ▪ "He (Yamaguchi) got most of JE of the younger groups into it (surfing). Pi. Kame." "...." "Stopping, okay."

  ■ Ousama no Brunch, Sept 6
  ▪ We laugh about Aiba slipping in their concert during "Kitto Daijoubu." The irony. XP

  ■ Happy Birthday PV
  ▪ Peyton is the only one who really liked the PV, the other two hosts are not so enthused - although we still have parts we like, so not all negative.
  ▪ Does NewS just have a trend in their PVs? Jennie thinks this one is lacking in terms of this trend.
  ■ Winter Concert Tour Dates with "Leader" Koyama
  ▪ Peyton is HELLA excited because she timed her vacation perfectly in time with NewS' tour for Fukuoka and Tokyo Dome.
  ■ Code Blue Special Airing 2009
  ▪ Yamapi kinda blows the secret early by telling everyone following his j-web that he's filming the day before the finale. >.>

  ■ New variety show, Kanjani8 can rescue the world
  ▪ Jennie giggles first and foremost because I have to say the very, very long title - kanjani8's grand plan to rescue the world CAN-jani ~ they will make it happen.
  ▪ And then we get some bitter fangirling in there. XPPPP We do congratulate them on having another show~

Johnny's Junior
  ■ Nakayama undergoes surgery
  ▪ ...Jennie makes a joke that goes over our heads. lol
  ▪ He bounces back and makes it back to the concert in time to make an appearance, in a wheelchair.

DRAMA TALK (38:51)
  ■ Sushi Ouji Episodes 1-4
  ▪ Jennie and Kami talk about their opinions on this drama - our first times ever seeing it, Jennie enjoyed it.... Kami, not so much. She even compares it to Teppan Shoujo Akane. :///
  ▪ "...he exchanges eyes with the fish..." "No, he didn't actually exchange eyes with the fish." "Fish's eye is as big as his head."
  ▪ Peyton points out some of the important translation errors.
  ▪ We talk a bit on languages - first on the German which we ask Jennie's opinion on, and then on the different Japanese dialects. Which kinda leads into us wondering if their accents are heavy for a reason.
  ▪ "What happened to Maru when he had to hold her hand? And then keysmash lolol."
  ▪ "The eggs are alive" - Doesn't exactly have the same effect on the drama characters as it does to us. As does a lot of the food descriptions in this drama. Ew.
  ■ For next week, Sushi Ouji Episodes 5-8! :D

  ■ This week's question: What do you like or dislike about Kato Shigeaki?
  ▪ Listener responses from devilayu and jliann! We love you guys for all the amazing responses~
  ▪ Then the hosts respond - Kami used to mix up Shige and Kusano at the beginning, Peyton apparently has a "sordid" history with Shige, then rants a bit about Shige's acting, and Jennie may be giving Shige a little too much credit. (KIDDING, KIDDING. lol)
  ■ Next week's question: How did you get into Johnny's Entertainment?
  ▪ The hosts have already answered this question, but this time, we'd like to hear your stories! :D Please let us know how you entered this awesome fandom we're in. We'd love to hear all about it.
  ■ We're calling out for letter segment questions! Is there anything you want us to talk about, or hell, ignore us. What do you want to talk about? :D

CLOSING (1:16:54)
  ■ Kami's Batsu Game - Bokura no Machi de T.T
  ▪ Before that, we give the batsu point tallies! Because really, we're starting to blank and forget ourselves. Since I performed my batsu game in this episode, that restarts my points back to 0, Rhey has 3 points (the only who has yet to perform a batsu game), Jennie has 3, and Peyton has 1. :D
  ▪ Then, you get to hear my fail!singing! ...Fun.

Please contact us with your thoughts and opinions, here at jep_cast, in the comments, or at our email- cast@jepcast.com. You can also reach us via voicemail at 206-202-3859. Please remember that all of these methods can be used when replying to our question of the week - "How did you get into Johnny's Entertainment?"! :D Get your answers in so that you can also be a part of the discussion!fun! Next week, we'll be continuing Sushi Ouji - finishing it up with the last four episodes!

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NEWS - Happy Birthday
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09 14 08 (UTC)
Sushi Oji!
I havent kept up the jep_cast in a long time (sorry, I went away and couldnt download you guys)
I might comment later after I listen :D
09 14 08 (UTC)
How I got into JE, hehe (I commented back!)
First it was Lovely Complex's first ending Kiss ~キッス~帰り道のラブソング~ - Tegomass, I saw the first part of the PV and thought Tegoshi and Massu were gay, not insult gay but actual gay XD (I wasn't fully paying attention while watching the PV so I thought they were holding had... get what I am saying... I know they aren't now). Then the new opening Hay!Say! - Hey!Say!7, reading the translation the song made no sense but it was like hell catchy. I watched the PV thought it was cutest thing ever, and watched it over again. Then Hey!Say!7 was on some show and they talked about how they were in KAT-TUN's concert (at that time I had no clue who they were) showed a five second clip of KAT-TUN and they were moving their hips me = o_O whaaaaa? I watched the Real face concert dvd, it was the first thing that showed when I looked up KAT-TUN, it was awesome. It was the hips and Akanishi Jin's Pinky video that made me get into KAT-TUN, haha. It went downhill from there, in a very good way. After that I got into News, Kanjani8, Kinki Kids, Arashi and basically everything/anything connected to JE XD. Now I am a major KAT-TUN and News fan. My computer will run out of memory soon, I wont go outside because I am watching dramas or clips, I will eventually run out of money, and my friends see me as more of a freak then I already am. Ohh yeah, my school lacks diversity so I can honestly say that I am the only JE fan in my grade, no wait my school... I'm at at the top of my downfall and loving it :D

(I can't believe I wrote so much....)
09 14 08 (UTC)
Fantastic episode ladies :D

How did I get into JE? Lets see, it started with my friend flailing over NEWS's Cherish PV and being like, "isn't this great!?". At first I didn't really want to fall in love NEWS, but my friend was determined to convert me. It didn't take long till I was flailing right along with her. Next was the same friend quizzing me on the NEWS member's names (Massu was just 'happy dude' to me) and being able to tell them apart xD That was back in the beginning of 2007, around late spring. So I really haven't been in the fandom that long. But I'm very happy to be here :D
09 14 08 (UTC)
I love this episode..well, more than usual because...Shige <33
I should've sent my response but, I don't know why I didn't.haha

For next week's question, how I got into JE. hmm

My friend introduced Nabuta wo Produce in 2006. I watched and liked it but that's about it. She tried to get me to like Yamapi and Kame but I only liked them a bit. Got into Seishun Amigo for a while and stopped a few months after that. She also got me to watch Hana Yori Dango. I watched it because I loved the Taiwan version. I thought the Japanese version was cute but I didn't like MatsuJun. Didn't even know Pi/Kame/Jun are in the same well known agency. After that I just forgot about them but last year, I watched Gokusen 2 and fell in love with Jin. From there I stumbled upon JE and the goodness of it. Used to like KAT-TUN a lot but now News have taken over. Especially Shige &hearts :D

Sorry for the long response :p
09 14 08 (UTC)
HaHA! Elyse is back with another ridiculous but true story. As if crashing my car because of Cherish wasn't enough.

How I got into JE.. well... it was fate really! When I was living in Japan, we did a marathon for charity. 100km, YUCK! Aside from the cool points of hanging out with a really pretty boy who loved to speak "english" for a few days, it was really hard.

On the last day of the marathon, my body gave up.... and I fell unconcious right on the sidewalk! So thanks to heat exhaustion, I was barred from the outside world for days while my host family was at their other home in Chiba (Yes, they were rich as sin).

After struggling to figure out the crazy-ass TV remotes, I landed on Dragon Zakura (and was initially more interested in Teppei, har!) and other drama reruns. Determined to find pictures of these beautiful boys, I headed to a book store to scour the magazines. That is when I first came in contact with everyone's favorites: Myojo, Winkup, Duet, Potato, and Popolo.

So I may not have finished the marathon and probably lost quite a few brain cells, but it was certainly worth it!
09 14 08 (UTC)
how did i get into JE huh. i'll try and keep it short. :P

i started watching japanese dramas once i got bored of taiwanese and korean dramas. when i was watching Proposal Daisakusen, i noticed Yamapi and to cope with the frustration of waiting for a new episode every week, i decided to check out other dramas Yamapi acted in. cue Nobuta wo Produce which made me flail over Yamapi. i found out that he was part of a group called NEWS but didn't bother checking them out. until the N.E.W.S. DVD came out! pre DVD, i only knew Yamapi and couldn't even distinguish between Tegoshi and Massu. D: but by the end of the DVD, i knew who every member was and was flailing like crazy. and the rest is history. ^^

a suggestion for the letter segment. im not sure if this has been done before because this is only my 3rd time listening to jep cast. what about which drama that has any JE boys is your favourite and why?
09 14 08 (UTC)
Yay! Sushi Oji! ^_^ I had put this drama on hold but after hearing you girls talk about it I'm thinking about starting it up again =D

How I got into JE... eh, I'll make my story short. Basically my friend made me watch Hanakimi which made me interested in Oguri Shun's acting, and then I watched Gokusen cause it seemed the most interesting, and found out about MatsuJun. When I learned that Shun and Jun BOTH acted in HYD I watched that, loved the theme song Wish and Love So Sweet, found out about ARASHI. While looking up Arashi PV's on youtube/veoh etc. I accidentally clicked a link for Mago Mago Arashi in which Jun was getting abused by little kids. Laughed my ass off, found more videos and in the end, fell in love with the crack/stupidity/love that is Arashi
09 14 08 (UTC)
I'm glad I actually got a chance to listen to this!
Normally, I just read the highlights lol
Just so you know, I ended up watching the Survival performance...and I laughed so hard, I cried! Gotta love Shige and his Locking XD

Anyway, on to answer the question of how I got into JE...[Prepare for long story]
One word: Hikki. I've been following Utada Hikaru since about 2005ish, so when I found out her song, Flavor of Life, was going to be used as the insert song for HYD2, I decided to watch HYD [my very first drama] :D That was like early 2007. Anyway, from HYD, I learned about MatsuJun...and from MatsuJun, I learned about Arashi BUT I watched the PV for Sakura Sake and it scared the crap out of me DDDD: SO instead of getting into JE then, I decided to keep watching Jdramas. And after countless MatsuJun dramas, I ran into Nobuta wo Produce and fell in love with Yamapi <3333. That lead me into NEWS, and luckily, NEWS did not scare me. I eventually started listening to all of the JE groups; although, I'm sure I'd still be afraid of Arashi if I hadn't found out that Sawarenai was one of their songs XD So, in short, it was Hikki-> Matsujun/Jdramas-> Yamapi-> NEWS-> all of JE...:D And for random early-fangirl-fail, I remember that when I first got into NEWS, they were "Yamapi & those 5-7 other guys"...
-The End-

And for a letter segment question...Maybe something like "What's the best way to get someone into JE?"
09 14 08 (UTC)
Can't even remember how I got into JE, but how about:

"HONESTLY, how long do you think you'll stay in the JE fandom?"
09 14 08 (UTC)
Wonderful episode again ladies. :D And I really wonder why I didn't send in a reponse last week.^^"

Well, for this week question, that's how i got into JE:

I was never particulary interested in Japanese entertainment culture or Japan in general, but in summer 2007, my friend got me hooked on doramas and the first drama I was watching was Hanazakari no Kimitachi e. I thought the guy playing Nakatsu was pretty awesome and tried to find more information on him. Well, then I found out that he was part of Johnny's Entertainment and friends with Yamapi. At that time though, I deemed that information unimportant and soon it got lost somewhere in my subconcious.
Well, after finishing Hana Kimi, I began watching Nobuta wo Produce because aforementioned friend told me that it was awesome and quite interesting. There, I came across Yamapi's name again and that triggered something in my mind. After NwP, I watched Kurosagi and came across his name again. Well, same routine all over again: researching some informations about him. To make this short:

Ikuta Toma -> Yamapi->NewS->somehow that led me to Arashi, SMAP, Tokio,.. ->after watching more doramas->Kamenashi Kazuya-> KAT-TUN->looking for more information on Johnny's entertainment (because, seriously, those guys of that agency appear everywhere! O.O) and poof...

... I was trapped. D:
09 14 08 (UTC)
Great episode girls!

How did I get myself into JE:
I have watched Asian dramas something like a year. I start with Taiwan and Korean dramas and then some J-dramas. And again Taiwanese. About half year I suddenly missed J-dramas and watched Gokusen 2. I loved the insert song Kizuna. I find out that Kame is part KAT-TUN. I fell in love with them and especially with Jin.
09 14 08 (UTC)
How I got into JE- Hmm. Last year, my sister told me to watch 1 Litre of Tears (I'm known to be emotionless, so she said if I didn't cry watching it, I'm not human. And I did not cry indeed.) I had ample time after my finals and I had like 6 months before I entered college, so I watched 1LOT and I automatically got drawn to Ryo-chan. Then I looked him up on the net and got into NewS and KAT-TUN. So, eventually, I watched every drama which had NewS and KAT-TUN members in them, and that linked to other JE members! Such as My Boss My Hero, Yukan Club, Hana Kimi, 1 Pound Gospel and whatnot. So there! :D
09 14 08 (UTC)
I think I was probably one of the few people who got into JE via the music (no, really, guys) rather than the dramas, and even then it was pretty accidental. I believe my first exposure to JE was through callmecaito's Arashi Facts and Things I Am Not Allowed To Do At Johnny's Entertainment, and since I had no idea who any of the people involved were, I was amused but pretty confused. It did, however, lead me to Google the Kitto Daijoubu PV, which I watched with some amount of horror, decided that it was probably the gayest thing I'd ever seen, and forgot about--until I realized a week later that I'd had Kitto Daijoubu stuck in my head for about a day straight.

So I downloaded Time (then Arashi's most recent album,) was somehow not immediately scared away by Yabai-Yabai-Yabai, told myself I was really not that interested, and spent the next month acquiring their whole discography. Apparently, deciding that I'm seriously not going to join a fandom basically guarantees that I will... which is why I can now name all the Hey! Say! JUMP members, u-uhm. ^^; And then several of my friends in Japanese class were really into NEWS, and I watched Nobuta wo Produce and fell in love with Kame, and it really went downhill from there.

Or uphill, because I love this fandom!
09 14 08 (UTC)
I love this podcast!
Since I like your podcast so much (I only started listening to you from the last 2 podcast) I am listening to all of your old podscasts and I put some of them in my MP3.

How I got into JE.....
I had read Hana Yori Dango mangas and one day I saw that there was a j-drama of it. Since I had never watch a j-drama I thought I should give it a try, I really liked it and the songs are so catchy that I went searching for who sang them. I was surprised when I found them Matsujun is in the band that sings it, I downloaded their songs and that's how I turned into an Arashi fan.
One day when I was watching their PVs I read one description that says something like "The best PV of the year", I went to watch and it was Real Face by KAT-TUN and I started liking them too.
After a couple of months when a was reading Jin's profile on Wiki.PPN, I read the part which says Best Friends:Yamashita Tomohisa (and others), but I really didn't give him importance. When I was seeing Nobuta wo Produce, I loved Akira so much that I when to see who he is and found YamaPi (again), since I listened to Seishun Amigo and read that he is in a band, I started listening to them. The first song I heard was Sayaendou and I really liked it a lot. Started to listen more, more, more and more musics of NewS (even more then Arashi and KAT-TUN).
After that I started listening to Hey! Say! JUMP (the 7 members are younger then me but the BEST are older) and Kanjani8 who are pure crack and have Ryo-chan (who half of the time looks like he wants to kill them).
And also KinKi Kids (because I watched Domoto Kyoudai and liked it a lot), Tackey & Tsubasa (because of Shounen Club and how the Juniors respect them), TOKIO (Tegoshi + MBMH + Sorafune + Nagase = TOKIO) and SMAP (Utaban and how Nakai is easily pissed at Ohno).

But my all time favorite is without a doubt NewS!
09 14 08 (UTC) - How I Got Into JE and What It Has Done For Me
I got into JE simply by chance. Due to my major (fashion design) I was told that studying Japanese in college would be a smart idea. One day I was browsing Youtube and found some J-pop and instantly loved it. While watching a Kawabe Chieko video, a Gokusen clip was in the "related videos" section. I watched it out of curiosity and got so hooked that I watched the whole series. I loved "Feel Your Breeze" by V6 and I also I couldn't stop watching Matsumoto Jun, therefore discovering Arashi and never turning back. Arashi is my favorite J-pop/JE group and they always make me smile. I actually discovered JE right after I moved to a new state and it helped cheer me up when I was really unhappy. I've been into JE and all japanese music, drama, and culture for about 2 years now and it has become a staple in my life. It has influenced me so much that will be studying abroad in Tokyo in a year or two.

Thank you so much for making an informative and funny podcast! Keep up the good work!
09 15 08 (UTC)
XD omg the happy birthday PV came out on the 11th?! lol its like "Happy birthday to me from news" (my birthday was the 10th) XD okay on to the question!

how i got into JE:
At first i was a HUGE anime fan. About the start of August i found this manga called "Hana Kimi" and i fell in love with it! Then i decided to look and see if there was an anime of it and i looked everywhere but no anime T^T but i found something that said "Hana kimi Drama" and i decided to wathc it and of course o fell in love with that! Once i watched all the subed eps i started looking up some of the characters then i thought "OMG IT WOULD BE AWESOME IF SOME OF THESE GUYS COULD SING!" so first i looked up Oguri Shun and failed >> then ikuta toma and found some videos of him and omg his voice! it was so beautiful! i looked up more and more and found he was in 4tops i then found this other guy people were fangirling over "YamaPi" i didn't really like him because he looked really big and like he was gonna eat Toma XXDDD but after that i started looking up shounen club and found the super cute arashi. while looking up arashi videos i found this vid called "KAT-TUN sexy medly" (this was like october) then when i watched that i fell in love (lol i've been using that a lot) with the "Matt cosplayer" (matt from death note) aka Junno and from there on i slowly got into the other wonderful groups of johnnys~
09 15 08 (UTC)
Jennie, you got the pronunciation of the username correct. :D I'm quite pleased that I made it into the podcast, lol~

Peyton - If you make it to the NEWS con in Tokyo, I'll be there! Possibly for all 3 days!!
09 16 08 (UTC)
I'm only on episode 25 of the podcast and trying to catch up, but I wanted to share my JE experience. :]

How I got into JE:
I didn't officially get into the JE fandom until March of this year as a way to take a break from studying for midterms, which was sort of a bad idea at the time. I was sort of "hardcore J-rock" and avoided J-pop, but I still loved watching Japanese dramas. I was exposed to the JE boys when Shige and Massu were in Kinpachi Sensei a long time ago because I grew up to Japanese entertainment. I was also exposed to KinKi Kids around the same time, but I didn't really care much about talent agencies and what not.

My official exposure to JE was because of Yamapi and Kame in Nobuta wo Produce, which was one of the JE dramas I watched during my midterms. I looked them up on D-Addicts Wiki, and found they were part of groups, which were under the same agency. I then went on to google JE, and found out about JEP Cast, which eventually led to discovering a wide, and somewhat crazy fandom beyond Gackt and Miyavi.

At one point, I wanted to switch my career path from Marketing, but once I found out about Yamapi being a Marketing major, I decided to stick with it in hopes of one day working with him. Lol, but not really.
09 16 08 (UTC)
Yet another awesome episode! ^^ It's so mucb fun hearing other people talk about JE.

Oh, I found JE from searching through random videos on youtube. For some reason I was searching for Japanese game shows and I came across a clip from the Ya Ya Yah show where a whole bunch of Juniors were dressed in these black-and-white old school jail outfits. Shoon was my first crush from watching that clip and I thought Yabu was a girl...the others in that clip were Inoo, Hikaru, Tegoshi, Massu, Shige, Kusano, Taiyo, and Kouhei. Now when I first saw this I had no idea these cute lil' boys could sing at all, so when I did my research I discovered the joys of Ya Ya Yah. So yeah, I became a Yax3 fan first and the only other group I really cared about was NEWS.

Anyway, whenever Yax3 was disbanded from HSJ's debut, I was naturally heartbroken that my favorite group is no gone forever, and I hated Hey!Say!JUMP for that. But I couldn't stay mad for long, so after reading Kamichan's blog and watching the UMP PV, I was hooked into the HSJ fandom. So yeah...HSJ all the way! ^^V

I'm a little disappointed that you girls don't talk about HSJ much...and when you do, you have trouble saying good things about them. xD Oh, well. I'm hoping you'll change your minds when they grow older. =3
09 17 08 (UTC)
I'm a little disappointed that you girls don't talk about HSJ much...and when you do, you have trouble saying good things about them. xD Oh, well. I'm hoping you'll change your minds when they grow older. =3

Did you miss our super!flail about "Your Seed"? We covered all the promotion stuff for that and frankly, I'm an HSJ fan for it. Also, HSJ is not doing anything right now in terms of releases, so there is nothing to talk about for them. However, I'm thinking they may be doing the theme song for Scrap Teacher so maybe we'll hear something soon!
09 17 08 (UTC)
Yeah, there isn't any HSJ news as of now, so of course I understand. =3

I didn't mean to offend or anything, just to let you know. ^^;

*gasp* I missed the super!flail?!! O.O Hold on, lemme check my JEPCast archives. lol

P.S. I have the stupidest LJ username in the history of LJ usernames.

09 17 08 (UTC)
Yay, I'm back! Well, I haven't commented in a while, but I haven't stopped listening to the podcast! =D

I kind of agreed with a lot of things in this weeks JEPCast. But most important! Yamashita's cup thing is kind of uncool now. -__- I didn't even notice the suicide chicken after watching it multiple times! So, I rewatched it and it was kind of hilarious.

I also enjoyed the Sushi Oji! talk. I didn't really like the drama, but it was okay, I guess... About the German accent in Sushi Oji! I thought it wasn't that bad. (Since I'm from the Netherlands... >__<) But it is already a pretty while ago since I've watched it, so I don't know a lot of it anymore.

As for how I got into Johnny's Entertainment (as a guy! X"D)...
Well, on one certain day I decided to start watching J-drama. At that time, Kurosagi just started airing and it was pretty popular, so I decided to watch it. I thought Yamashita was pretty cool and I started to watch other dramas with Yamashita in it. I watched Nobuta wo Produce and found out that the guy playing Shuuji, Kamenashi, was in KAT-TUN, who had a big hit with Real Face a few weeks before I started watched Nobuta. So, I got kind of addicted to NEWS and KAT-TUN. I started watching Stand Up!! around the same time and it had a themesong by Arashi, so I got into the Arashi fandom too. >__< And after that I started listening to other JE groups and watched other Jdrama's and that's how I got into JE, I guess.
09 17 08 (UTC)
It's always awesome to find JE fanboys!! ^.^ You're the 4th male JE fan I know now. =D Hey, more power to ya!
09 20 08 (UTC)
How did you get into Johnny's Entertainment
I got into Johnnys all thanx to Rhey! i believe it was only a year ago wen i would only watch anime non stop. thts wen i got in contact with rhey whom i knew from a while back. she mentioned getting me into Jpop. i was skeptical thinkin it would just be stupid boy bands dancing and lip synching to lame songs but she told me to just wait and see. So she suggested for me to start out wit dramas b4 going into JE fandom. I first watched HanaDan without even knowing anything about MatsuJun and Arashi (actually i thought tht Domouji was the ugliest of the F4 X_X) then i saw Nobuta wo Produce and got attached to Yamapi. From then on I was dedicated to NEWS, ventured off to KAT-TUN and now recently obsessing with Arashi. I thank Rhey and love her to pieces for introducing me to the wonderful world of Johnnys! I love my fandom 8D
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