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[#30] The One With the Suicidal Chicken

This is jep_cast's 30th episode, brought to you by your loving hosts - Jennie, Peyton and Kamika as Rhey had some family obligations. We hope you enjoy our thirtieth episode! (None of us can believe we've even reached this number!)

The One With the Suicidal Chicken
Running Time: 1:20:34
Size: 36.7 MB
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Show Notes:

  ■ Ryo's sweater shows his affection, from TV Guide with Nino and Ryo
  ▪ Ryuusei no Ki- no wait, Meteor Bonds! We're spiteful little children. :D
  ▪ Warning: we curse. But Ryo started it first!
  ▪ "Well, Ryo smiles for JEP Cast, because we are talking about him today." "..." "LONG PAUSE."

JE NEWS (5:24)

  ■ Shingo in "Kurobe no Taiyou" adaptation
  ▪ Did the lead actor from the original movie "make" them not show it except in theaters? o.O

  ■ Hey!Hey!Hey! SP, Sept 8 - TOKIO VTR, Kinki Kids and KAT-TUN unaired clips
  ▪ We highly recommend you check out TOKIO and V6's Bowling Tournament on Hey!Hey!Hey!. (HYSTERICAL.)
  ▪ Kame said an explicit word, and then everyone catches the "fever" and repeats it over and over again.

  ■ Music Station, Sept 12
  ▪ Nagase isn't very impressed with Avril Lavigne. Taichi bounces along though. *gasps*
  ▪ THEY PERFORM ON FREAKING RUGS. What is up with that?!

  ■ New variety show, Levels of New Knowledge "Kumagusu"
  ▪ MOST IMPORTANT PART, Peyton tells me I did a good job in pronunciation. *PREENS*
  ▪ V6 gets pushed back to the midnight spot after being in such a prominent position - kinda sad, isn't it? :///
  ▪ Will this be a quiz show?! :DDDD That'd be fun. We theorize.
  ■ Light In Your Heart PV
  ▪ ULTRAMAN!!!! The most important point. :D
  ■ Utaban, Sept 11, Music Station, Sept 12
  ▪ Spangles, fringe, tassels - WHATEVER THEY ARE, they're horrible. We say it now, these are worse than even the skirts. HANDS DOWN.
  ▪ "Kami likes it when they jerk their bodies." ~_~;;
  ▪ "He (Yamaguchi) got most of JE of the younger groups into it (surfing). Pi. Kame." "...." "Stopping, okay."

  ■ Ousama no Brunch, Sept 6
  ▪ We laugh about Aiba slipping in their concert during "Kitto Daijoubu." The irony. XP

  ■ Happy Birthday PV
  ▪ Peyton is the only one who really liked the PV, the other two hosts are not so enthused - although we still have parts we like, so not all negative.
  ▪ Does NewS just have a trend in their PVs? Jennie thinks this one is lacking in terms of this trend.
  ■ Winter Concert Tour Dates with "Leader" Koyama
  ▪ Peyton is HELLA excited because she timed her vacation perfectly in time with NewS' tour for Fukuoka and Tokyo Dome.
  ■ Code Blue Special Airing 2009
  ▪ Yamapi kinda blows the secret early by telling everyone following his j-web that he's filming the day before the finale. >.>

  ■ New variety show, Kanjani8 can rescue the world
  ▪ Jennie giggles first and foremost because I have to say the very, very long title - kanjani8's grand plan to rescue the world CAN-jani ~ they will make it happen.
  ▪ And then we get some bitter fangirling in there. XPPPP We do congratulate them on having another show~

Johnny's Junior
  ■ Nakayama undergoes surgery
  ▪ ...Jennie makes a joke that goes over our heads. lol
  ▪ He bounces back and makes it back to the concert in time to make an appearance, in a wheelchair.

DRAMA TALK (38:51)
  ■ Sushi Ouji Episodes 1-4
  ▪ Jennie and Kami talk about their opinions on this drama - our first times ever seeing it, Jennie enjoyed it.... Kami, not so much. She even compares it to Teppan Shoujo Akane. :///
  ▪ "...he exchanges eyes with the fish..." "No, he didn't actually exchange eyes with the fish." "Fish's eye is as big as his head."
  ▪ Peyton points out some of the important translation errors.
  ▪ We talk a bit on languages - first on the German which we ask Jennie's opinion on, and then on the different Japanese dialects. Which kinda leads into us wondering if their accents are heavy for a reason.
  ▪ "What happened to Maru when he had to hold her hand? And then keysmash lolol."
  ▪ "The eggs are alive" - Doesn't exactly have the same effect on the drama characters as it does to us. As does a lot of the food descriptions in this drama. Ew.
  ■ For next week, Sushi Ouji Episodes 5-8! :D

  ■ This week's question: What do you like or dislike about Kato Shigeaki?
  ▪ Listener responses from devilayu and jliann! We love you guys for all the amazing responses~
  ▪ Then the hosts respond - Kami used to mix up Shige and Kusano at the beginning, Peyton apparently has a "sordid" history with Shige, then rants a bit about Shige's acting, and Jennie may be giving Shige a little too much credit. (KIDDING, KIDDING. lol)
  ■ Next week's question: How did you get into Johnny's Entertainment?
  ▪ The hosts have already answered this question, but this time, we'd like to hear your stories! :D Please let us know how you entered this awesome fandom we're in. We'd love to hear all about it.
  ■ We're calling out for letter segment questions! Is there anything you want us to talk about, or hell, ignore us. What do you want to talk about? :D

CLOSING (1:16:54)
  ■ Kami's Batsu Game - Bokura no Machi de T.T
  ▪ Before that, we give the batsu point tallies! Because really, we're starting to blank and forget ourselves. Since I performed my batsu game in this episode, that restarts my points back to 0, Rhey has 3 points (the only who has yet to perform a batsu game), Jennie has 3, and Peyton has 1. :D
  ▪ Then, you get to hear my fail!singing! ...Fun.

Please contact us with your thoughts and opinions, here at jep_cast, in the comments, or at our email- You can also reach us via voicemail at 206-202-3859. Please remember that all of these methods can be used when replying to our question of the week - "How did you get into Johnny's Entertainment?"! :D Get your answers in so that you can also be a part of the discussion!fun! Next week, we'll be continuing Sushi Ouji - finishing it up with the last four episodes!

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