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JEP Cast
Japanese / Johnny's Entertainment Podcast
[#29] The One Where Aiba Tops Jin 
09 07 08
仁 → three past four in the morning
Welcome to the twenty-ninth episode of JEPcast, recorded on September 6th with your hosts Jennie/jadedfrenzy, Kami/tinyangl, and Peyton/ginzarhapsody. Rhey/4_03_am is kind of MIA this week because she's lost her voice, but as Satan puts it, she's still around "in spirit."

The One Where Aiba Tops Jin
Running Time: 01:22:56
Size: 37.7 MB
Download Links: MU | SS | MF

Streaming Audio:

Show Notes:

▪ "Today Rhey is dumb."
▪ Kami and Satan fight over who is psychic.

JE NEWS (3:04)

  ■ Amagasa PV
  ▪ "I always appreciate when they put boys-- wet-- in slow motion." (Except in Tokunatsu Vibration)
  ■ Amagasa Single
  ▪ Everyone seems to love Akireru Kurai Bokura wa Negao.
  ■ Utaban and Music Station appearances
  ▪ Jennie and Rhey search high and low in futility for a nonexistent Utaban interview.
  ▪ Amagasa is a really difficult song; it took Nagase eight hours to record it.
  ▪ Jennie's theory of the guys' fashion getting better with age is proven wrong. Nagase skins 101 dalmatians.

Kinki Kids
  ■ Tsuyoshi on Haneru no Tobira and Kowazu Girai
  ▪ Tsuyoshi breaks the JE boys' (two year long) losing streak at Kowazu Girai.
  ▪ Tsuyoshi fails on the Abbreviation Train.
  ■ Secret Code reaches #1 on Oricon Charts.
  ▪ Kinki Kids has 27 consecutive #1 singles now, beating their own record.

  ■ 24 Hours TV. onetwothreefourfivesixseven (Nino's letter)eight (Tegoshi).
  ▪ MatsuJun, give me my legs back.
  ▪ Tegoshi's segment gets canceled because of the rain, but is said to come back next year. (NEWS SHOULD HOST NEXT YEAR!!1elevenshiftone!)
  ▪ Nino's heart-warming letter surprises everyone.
  ▪ MatsuJun gets multiple bottles full of extra virgin olive oil as a birthday present from Arashi.
  ▪ ...Random babble about Will Smith.

  ■ New CM for Ryusei no Kizuna.
  ▪ LOL ~*~Meteor Bonds~*~
  ▪ Nino, Ryo, and Erika look nothing alike... Dun dun dun, plot twist! They all have different daddies.

  ■ Ikuta Toma's Grease Promotions: onetwothree.

  ■ Best Jeanist Award: onetwothree.
  ▪ Kame wins for the third consequtive time.
  ▪ Aiba is #3, topping Jin in #4. Tsuyoshi is #7, and Yamapi, #9.
  ▪ Shouldn't you actually have an ass to fill out your jeans to win "best jeanist"?

  ■ Pika☆nchi Life is Hard Dakedo Happy
  ▪ Pika☆nchi is loosely based on V6's Inocchi's life growing up in Tokyo.
  ▪ MatsuJun always seems to play really creepy, smiley characters in Arashi movies-- like he just stepped out of Pleasantville.
  ▪ Kami can't see MatsuJun as this smiley type of charatcer. Rhey can't see him as a "POOLS! TOPLESS!" type of guy, either.
  ▪ Stuff about Aiba, their tight-knit community, parallels to Stand UP!, etc.
  ▪ There was no real porn scene in the movie, despite what Peyton makes it sound like.
  ▪ "...Is Ohno Just playing himself?!"
  ▪ Significance of "the boat."
  ▪ Bitching about cinematography.
  ■ Next week's drama: Sushi Ouji; episodes 1-4.

  ■ Thanks for the great feedback on last week's special.
  ▪ Lol, next time, more flail, less crit? XD;;
  ■ This week's question: Which Johnny's boy would you give a makeover to, and what would you do to him?
  ▪ Someone (not his mommy) teach Ohno how to shop (not via mail order).
  ▪ Tackey, stop being so tacky.
  ■ Next week's question: What do you like or dislike about Kato Shigeaki?
  ▪ Getting to know Shige: onetwothree.

  ▪ The Adventures of KK and YT, as reported by Yamashita Tomohisa: Stickers as Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Please contact us with your thoughts and opinions, here at jep_cast, in the comments, or at our email- cast@jepcast.com. You can also reach us via voicemail at 206-202-3859. Please remember that all of these methods can be used when replying to our question of the week - "What do you like or dislike about Kato Shigeaki?"! :D Get your answers in so that you can also be a part of the discussion!fun! And remember, next week we'll be starting on Sushi Ouji with episodes 1-4! :)

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Regular Edition :: cdjapan / yesasia
KinKi Kids - Secret Code
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Regular Edition :: cdjapan / yesasia

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09 07 08 (UTC)
ldskjf;aslkfdj; my quickly typed up 'support jepcast' paragraph is SO BAD. Please edit so that it actually makes sense when you get a chance XP
09 07 08 (UTC)
Kame does have an ass! lol, maybe not but he has a tiny waist which kinda amplifies his butt?? I have no idea what I'm going on here.
Anyways, great ep agan!
09 07 08 (UTC)
Nice podcast girls. :D The 'Fruity Mexican Costumes" kinda did me in.

So Shige... I know everone loves his faux-hawk and sure, I like it better than his straight-covering-face-shag-do-thing phase. Him as a cat? Hilarious. But there are things that irk me.

1) Stop the furrowing. I wince. Really, what are you thinking so hard about? You're going to get wrinkles.
2) Happy Music? Love the crown, love the guitar. I want to cut off your tongue. Sorry. It's the most disgusting face I've ever seen.

But apart from that. Shige is great. There has to be someone at the butt end of Ryo's torture jokes. I really hope I didn't offend any Shige lovers. xD I love Shige too, really!
09 08 08 (UTC)
"What do you like or dislike about Kato Shigeaki?...YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE NOT TO TALK TO US."

Unbelievebly true. XD

I noticed him when my friend showed me a picture of news round last year? Partly 'cos he had black hair styled in a faux-hawk, so he was the first one I noticed in news. xD Although if you see his younger days you'd never notice him...

However, i always assumed in the past that he was one of the older ones in news, so i got a big shock when he wasn't. >_>;
Other that that, I have a love/hate relationship with his new hair colour, I don't know to be happy or upset that he looks younger and not as serious looking.
09 08 08 (UTC)

I like how he writes so well (j-web entries)
He's the first one I noticed in the PV Weeeek {aside from Ryo of course!), which was the first PV of JE that I watched.
I like how he's a fail.
I like his bedroom voice(I like Ryo's more -.-)
I like his friendship with Koyama.

I dislike his long hair in the past. And I dislike his blonde hair.
I dislike the way he sings in Pacific DVD. Happy Music? Mouth opened too big :\

And oh, on a totally unrelated note, last week Rhey mentioned about NewS not using the moving stages in Tokyo Dome? They used it when singing NewS Nippon. I think. I watched it again last night x)
09 08 08 (UTC)
I love Shige. After Yamapi, he is definitely my favorite NEWS member. I was lucky enough to see his butai "Konnan Yatte Mimashita" (3rd row!) and I have to say, the blond hair looks better in person. He may look mature on the outside but he's got a good sense of humor (writing his former J-web through the view of his imaginary cat? COME ON!) He might be a little vanilla compared to the other JE guys but that's the way I like him. ♥
09 08 08 (UTC)
Ahhhh Shigeeee... someone I know enough about to talk a bit on:
I love:
1. how he gives the ficcing fangirls enough PHAIL to write about.
2. Him wearing blue. Remember the Pacific shop photos? OH GOD ♥
3. How he tries SO hard to be tough and do his DevilvsAngelinTokyoDomeDVD-face. ANYONE WHO HASNT SEEN IT MUST GO TO WATCH. It's full of lol.

Plus his trying-to-be-too-cool-ness (as most people ahve pointed out) makes me cringe SO badly, and it gives so much ammo for those Shige hating fangirls >>; . It's definately something that natural happens to people who suddenly get an extending fan base. :/

p.s. nice new header you guys have there :o
09 08 08 (UTC)
(please excuse the lame username...it doesn't mean anything. xD)

Well, Shige is not among my favorite Juniors nor is he my favorite member from NEWS. What I like about him is his contagious, boyish smile and his overall personality. I loved watching him back on the Ya Ya Yah show because he always had that mischievous grin on his face and acted dorky all the time along with Kusano. x3

I guess the only thing I don't like about Shige is his singing voice. It's a bit too deep and husky for my tastes.

09 08 08 (UTC)
Oh, and another thing!! Did you fellow fangirls see these JE PV parody videos on youtube?


The awesome person who makes these parodies has an LJ community here: http://community.livejournal.com/kissing_kisung/
(I don't use LJ that much, so I forgot how to link to a name xD)

Anyway, hope you all get a kick out of these! (Apparently Arashi tried to offer Tegoshi as the virgin sacrifice for eternal youth! O.O)
09 09 08 (UTC)
First podcast I've ever listened to from you ^__^ It was very nice work.
In response to the week's question:

I alternately love and hate Shige. Originally, I hated him because he was useless. (Actually, he still kind of is, where idol talents are concerned.) This boy can't sing, can't act, and is a mediocre dancer. Recently he's started surprising me with his public speaking and his humour, but that's about it.

What ACTUALLY made me like him was his j-web. I appreciate good writers, and he is someone who disdains the usual topics that idols cover. (That's also the reason why I love Koyama.) The cat thing alone was enough to convince me =)
09 09 08 (UTC)
This is the second episode I heard.
I think you do a great work! The episodes are really interesting.

About Shige.....
The first thoughts I have are:
I like him with short hair (his long hair it's so.... o.O .... WTF!!! .....ugly!).
He is really smart and organized.
He has a low voice.
And he's relationship with Koyama is really funny (sometimes they act like they are married).
09 10 08 (UTC)
I love you girls!! XD
I have listen something like 1/3 of JEP cast episodes.
Once I went to city center to do some shopping and I listened JEP cast from my MP3-player. It was so hard to try not to laugh aloud so I keep chuckling from time to time. And same happened when came back home. Dunno what the other passengers thought. XD

I like more KAT-TUN than NewS, but I love Shige's solo lines in Taiyou no Namida. His voice is so low. Purrrr!! :P
09 10 08 (UTC)
Oh, I completely understand that as I used to listen to podcasts while grocery shopping. That is until I got so involved in the discussion (and trying not to laugh) that I totally knocked into a display and a huge amount of cans came tumbling down. XD SO EMBARRASSING.

I am so glad you are enjoying our podcast!! Thanks for the lovely comment :D
09 23 08 (UTC)
Because I'm so behind...while I'm not giving up listening to this, my note comments probably won't happen as much anymore. xDD I don't have much net access so thats why. But I am still listening~ ^^
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