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JEP Cast
Japanese / Johnny's Entertainment Podcast
[#28] The One Where NewS Bares It All 
08 31 08
omgcp - jack
Welcome to episode twenty-eight of jep_cast! Recorded on August 30th with your hosts - Jennie, Rhey and Kamika - although Peyton does manage to get her foot into this episode, and thus it's not a proper episode of her being away. Cheater.

The One Where NewS Bares It All
Running Time: 1:26:51
Size: 39.5 MB
Download Links: MU | SS | MF

Streaming Audio:

Note: If the streaming isn't showing the latest episode, please clear your cache and refresh.

Show Notes:

  ▪ Oh hay! Look who's back. :DDDD Jennie waxes on about how she missed recording for JEP Cast - to the point that she talks back to the recording.
  ▪ "She's TMI and she's creepy. Why are we friends with her?" "Yeah, why are you friends with me?"

JE NEWS (5:04)

  ■ Live Tour!! New Album!! super.modern.artistic.performance
  ▪ Our hosts are a little slow - minus me, of course - and took a while to realize that their album title spelled SMAP (and that NewS' Never Ending Wonderful Story made NewS).
  ▪ Super modern piece of art - we're hoping that the album won't be like that. o.o

  ■ Sho on Oshareism, August 24th
  ▪ "Arashi and their underwear. It's my new OTP, I swear."
  ▪ Sho is good at drawing!! He swears.

  ■ Yokoyama has a drama special in Yo ni mo Kimyou na Monogatari!
  ▪ There were a shitload of rumors before this finally popped up - animal doctor, lawyer - no wait, doctor - no. Horror special?!

Johnny's Juniors
  ■ Hana Kimi SP Air Date - October 12th
  ▪ FINALLY!!1!11!! Took them long enough to announce this.
  ▪ "I guess they're bringing it back now when you're starting to forget about it. They're like, "Nope. We're not done with with you yet. Here's another one.""
  ■ ABC and Kis-My-Ft2's Concert extended - another day, and another round of concerts in November!
  ■ Hashimoto Ryosuke is joining ABC and they're becoming ABC-Z
  ▪ "Acrobat Boys Club... Zebras! Zoo! Zipper! Zombie! Zucchini!"
  ▪ ...Are they going to have 26 members at some point? Please don't let it be so.
  ▪ "That Johnny's just messing with all of us fans. ...What will send them all into a tizzy about this week?"

  ■ 57th Television Drama Academy Awards
  ▪ "Yay, congratulations to the winners..."
  ▪ "I guess we'll end here. Period."

  ■ You have the three huge NewS fans in a podcast together. What does that mean?! Discussion about NewS' Pacific Concert Tokyo Dome DVD!!!
  ▪ "When the cat's away, the mice will play." That's what happens when drama!leader Peyton leaves us little ones to take over her segment.
  ▪ Of course, it's not a proper concert discussion without talking about costumes! ...We actually liked some of them! *___________* "The outfit completed the dead fish look."
  ▪ We discuss the song arrangement - Cherish as the last song?! Fiesta in the middle? Akaku too?! What in the world? Also, the other four got gypped solo-wise. :///// Disappointed, people. Who arranged this?
  ▪ Why, oh why, didn't NewS make use of Tokyo Dome's amazing stages and sets? Could this be due to time??
  ▪ "This is what I imagine how they'll act on set for their new drama." "I hope not, because then it's like incestual brothers."
  ▪ Did Sho and Nino really buy the merchandise themselves? Lining up in their incognito glasses and hats, and asking for pen lights??
  ▪ "God, could you imagine just happening to be on the same plane with them? How much would that suck?"
  ▪ We talk about which we thought was better - the arrangement for this DVD with the documentaries separate from the concert, or the way it was in Never Ending Wonderful Story where the documentaries were interspersed with the concert.
  ▪ "I'm just waiting for a NewS naked tape to be leaked."
  ▪ Cactaur!NewS. "Now I'm imagining a horde of Cactaur dancing to Ai no Matador."
  ▪ Kami delves into subbing talk as she complains about having to time those really annoying scenes where they say "Arigato" like five million times. XP
  ■ We're watching a movie next week! Trying something new as well! Arashi's Pikanchi - Life is Hard Dakedo Happy. Make sure to pick it up! :DDD

  ■ This week's question - What is your impression of Ueda Tatsuya?
  ▪ First up is a voice response from the missing Peyton, and all Jennie's glad about is that Peyton can't cheat. XPPP
  ▪ Listener responses from quinnsan and flipangel_88. And then the hosts give their own opinions.
  ■ Next week's question - Which Johnny's boy would you give a makeover to, and what would you do to him?

CLOSING (1:25:08)
  ▪ We're looking forward for more material to put in the "Jin-ism" file. :DDD
  ▪ We figure out why Jodie Foster and Will Smith are guests - promoting movies! That makes SO much sense now.

Please contact us with your thoughts and opinions, here at jep_cast, in the comments, or at our email- cast@jepcast.com. You can also reach us via voicemail at 206-202-3859. Please remember that all of these methods can be used when replying to our question of the week - "Which Johnny's boy would you give a makeover to, and what would you do to him?"! :D Get your answers in so that you can also be a part of the discussion!fun! Next week, we'll be picking up Arashi's Pikanchi - Life is Hard Dakedo Happy. Do pick it up if you wanna hear our opinions. :DDDD

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08 31 08 (UTC)
09 01 08 (UTC)
I'm wondering, does it count as a batsu point if no one points it out XD
09 01 08 (UTC)
lol points out what, my grasp on the english language slowly slipping away? XD;; brainfarts like that shouldn't count! it wasn't like i was giving out false info or anything. :x
09 02 08 (UTC)
Actually, I was being self-centered there and talking about myself. But if you want a batsu point, I'm more than willing to share :D
08 31 08 (UTC)
oh, and of course, i meant to say "'incestuous.' wtf is "incestual' anyway!?!?!? *headdesk x100*
08 31 08 (UTC)
wtf. Hashimoto Ryosuke seriously joined ABC? That's the first I've heard of it, I thought it was just a rumor. Why wasn't it Yamashita Shoon instead? :((((((

Thank you for another episode, dears~ Will actually go listen now. :) ♥
08 31 08 (UTC)
guess who's finally listening to jep again. omg?!

i don't think i got a chance to say it before, but i love you jerk(s). ♥

am so amused at your bias in spending the drama section entirely on news. shouldn't you guys be called newscast? badumpbump.

i need a taguchi icon.

Edited at 2008-08-31 05:56 pm (UTC)
08 31 08 (UTC)
haha, I agree there's more need for Juniors in the NEWS concert ^^

Hiromi Goto, the violinist = <3

I agree that I doubt any concert will outbest my hype for the Never Ending Wonderful Story.

ABC-Z please be a temp group *crosses fingers*

and thank you for the latest episode. it amused me :P
09 01 08 (UTC)
im so going to watch the NEWS's Pacific DVD again to spot the other details your talked about that i missed! i had loads of fun laughing when your talked about the DVD. XD

btw i love the piano music that plays when transiting between the different segments. i keep repeating those parts after i finished listening to the entire podcast. :D
09 01 08 (UTC)
you guys are too critical of the concert. true blue news fans indeed. XPPPP
09 01 08 (UTC)
I loved this weeks show xD and I know what you mean about every single time they say "Arigatou!" My brother was in the room with me when I watched the MC/Encore part, and he started yelling at the computer saying, "Shut up already!!!" xD

I also loved all of your opinions and I really enjoyed the show. I think this is totally just me, and I thought I'd point it out since I didn't hear it brought up, but this is what I think: has anyone ever noticed where it seems like during some songs that all the members EXCEPT Ryo and Tegoshi are lip-syncing? If it's just me, I totally understand x_x If you want to want to know how I came to this, check out Taiyou no Namida from the Encore.

Anyway, I'll be looking forward to the next show~
09 02 08 (UTC)
Hey I jst happened to read yr comment and I agree on the lip-syncing thing. I think Yamapi was definitely lip-syncing his Gomenne Juliet? I'm not too sure but I'm really curious lol. And it's easy to tell that Ryo wasn't lip-syncing from his husky voice. Teehee.
09 01 08 (UTC)
Actually, this was the first one I watched, and homg, I was amused for an hour and a half. ♥♥ (To be honest, I just watched it for the NEWS flailing, but I actually listened to the Arashi parts and stuff, even though I'm not a fan of Arashi at all)
Shoon INDEED should be in ABC.
I was also anxious for Ryo and Shige to pop up during Ai Nante, but since I'm an avidly biased Tegoshi fan, I also loved that it was his solo. xD (I'm sad that there was no mention of the crazy RyoTego moments [or maybe I'm deaf and didn't hear them] during Change the World and Snow Express, but excuse my bias again xD -shot-)
And I lol'd at the cactaur thing. I was waiting for you guys to start talking about 'Ima wa'.

And I must say, the part that was the best for me in this episode was the letter segment, because it's like we have the EXACT same opinions about Ueda. ♥♥
09 01 08 (UTC)
Will Smith and Jodie Foster are all over JE shows. Right now, they're both on SMAPxSMAP (Will Smith & Charlize Theron for Bistro SMAP, Jodie Foster for a painting segment) Will Smith was funny, so I have high hopes for the ctKT appearance.
09 02 08 (UTC)
Hi! It was the first time I listened to your podcast and I must say it was a lot of fun! ^^

I also liked you comments about the Pacific DVD. Although I must say I was expecting more fangirling over Yamapi's solo. I mean it was the hottest thing I ever saw in a concert! XD Also have to also disagree about the part with Massu...Really not sexy to me XD. But to each his own. ~

In regards to the question about the makeover...I don't think anyone needs a makeover. It seems that Johnny's stylists are working very well on making the boys look good and unique to their personality. I actually always kind thought that Koki is better off with longer hair and longer eyebrows. I like his whole gangster style, but I think he could be a gangster without those yellow oddly sticking out hair. I don't think that that can be consider a makeover but that's all I could think of.
09 02 08 (UTC)
I love this comm! I just happened to find out about it. I'm gonna dl every episode ! Seems like a lot of fun hehe.
09 07 08 (UTC)
Hello, JEPCast 4! It is sooo much fun to actually hear other people talk about JE. I feel like I'm sane now for being in this fandom! xD Anyway, I have a suggestion of what you could review on the show next time. I don't know if you've already seen this (you probably have), but it'd be nice if you could review the JE Swedish documentary on one of the future shows. I would love to hear your thoughts on it! Thank you!

Oh, and here's the link to it: http://tv-no-totoro.livejournal.com/3236.html

I love you all! Fellow phainting fangurls unite!! ^^V
09 07 08 (UTC)
And as for the makeover question, I think I'd want to give it to Tanaka Koki. I don't know, out of all the JE boys, his physical looks aren't my taste. He tries too hard to look gangsta/pimp or something. xD

But I would not touch any of the HSJ!! OMG those boys are PERFECT the way they are...

Yeah, HSJ is my favorite group. x3 Followed by NEWS and then Arashi. ^^
09 21 08 (UTC)
Jennie being TMI and creepy is fun! ^^

And Rhey, your comments at the beginning of the show are awsome. ^^

"We are a podcast all about the pretties over in Johnny's Entertainment."
I totally agree with that statement! xDD I'm allll about the pretties. xDD

Screw the new SMAP album, even if the LE does come with a poster, I'm not much of a fan and even if I was...I'd much rather get the Mouse PEACE dvd. xDD

Yay Yoko!~

I'm so happppy that I get to not only see Toma again in HanaKimi, but more importantly that I get to see Mizushima Hiro in it again. xDD

I want to know why Hasshi and those other two are the newly minted Top3...because if that means their the top 3 juniors..someone needs to get smacked. xDDD

And your pronouncing Shoon's names wrong~ Your saying it as Shun. xDD

And wait..Hasshi is only 15?! I feel like a pedo now. D=

I think Johnny is bored..I agreed with what Jennie said. xDD

Tego with a pimp hat!~ xDD

I bet if Uchi and Notti had been there that at least one of them would have had a plaid tail thing too. xDD

I cried during..Cherish..I think NEWS Nippon...and something else.

That junior playing the violin made me think of Henry Lau. xDDD

The images of Massu shaking his hips like that and umm...yeah. The images are kind of weird because its MASSU. xDD

More naked NEWS! More naked NEWS! With Notti and Uchi!~

It is sad that they don't have the juniors in the scene. D= For KAT-TUN they show the juniors..not all the time since it is a KAT-TUN con after all, but they still show them a little bit and you actually see their faces.

During Peyton's comment about Ueda, I thought she said Johnny instead of Jennie. xDDD And I agree with her, he's my favorite from KAT-TUN as well!~

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