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JEP Cast
Japanese / Johnny's Entertainment Podcast
[#25] The One With The Debut of JERK 
08 10 08
仁 → three past four in the morning
Welcome to the twenty-fifth episode of JEPcast! Recorded on August 9th with your host Jennie/jadedfrenzy, Kami/tinyangl, Peyton/ginzarhapsody, and Rhey/4_03_am. Please pardon the delay in posting this week— Real Life and Computer Crises suddenly decided to interpose and make things hard. But not for long. So without further ado, let's get right to it!

The One With The Debut of JERK
Running Time: 01:26:15
Size: 39.3 MB
Download Links: MU | SS | MF

Streaming Audio:

Show Notes:

  - Yamapi and Jin, out on a date!!
    - No need for girlfriends? Josei Seven ships Pin! 8D

JE NEWS (3:36)

  - Okamoto Kenichi of Otokogumi starring in new film Boku no Obaa-chan.
    - Lookit! Okamoto's daddy has work!
    - If anyone has Otokugumi's Mihari, please upload for us? :x

  - Appearance on Channel-A
    - The robot made too much of an impression on Peyton; she can't stop raving about it.
    - Nobody cares about Rocket Man. :|
  - Peyton would like everyone to know her birthday is coming up.

  - truth PV
    - Aiba is really hot in red pants. *_*
    - At least one person is doing The Perm right. MatsuJun. *_*
    - Outfits are amazing; set is amazing, song is amazing; dancing is amazing. *_*
    - *_* *_* *_*

  - Kaze no Mukou e PV
    - IT'S A HALF-SET!!
    - MatsuJun's zebra print drape blanket thing: HORRIBLE. Don't buy it.

  - Utaban Appearance
    - This time, everyone gets a shot at pissing off Nakai.
    - Watergun battle on stage!

  - Maruyama publishes love story on Non-No
    - Maru wants to be Odagiri Joe!

  - Yuto, Yamada, Chinen, and Daiki to star in drama Scrap Teacher ~Kyoushi Saisei
    - Sounds a lot like Sensei wa Erai...

    - ::psychotic laughter::

  - Kis-My-Ft2 and ABC to have a concert together
    - Yay? :D
    - Foreshadowing the merger of Kis-My-Ft2 and ABC?

DRAMA TALK (36:02): Sapuri; 1-4

  - Kami would be very happy if someone could provide her with Yuya's ringtone, thanks.
  - Dissecting the four types of working women presented in this drama.
  - Differing views on Fujii's personality: Peyton loves her; Jennie and Rhey feel a bit differently. How passionate about CMs is she?
  - Fujii and Yuya, two sides of the same coin?
  - Everyone is Sapuri is selfish. Except, of course, Fujii and Yuya.
  - Red Frequency of Destiny = Red Thread of Fate, Y/Y? :D
  - Ninja Seishun Amigo reference in Sapuri!
  - Next week: episodes 5-8.

  - This week's question: In JE, who do you think is the most masculine?
    - aralana says: Ueda! Despite what Peyton said last week, she agrees?
    - The votes are in, and here are the results (comments):
        - Single votes for: Nakamaru, Shige, Yamapi, Jin, Ryo, Toma, Okada, Kame, Kimura Takuya.
        - Runner-up with three votes: Koki.
        - Winner with four votes: Nagase Tomoya.
    - Reading comments from tatoeba, quinnsan, supersaiyananf (supplement), and cynical_fluff (supplement).
    - Our answers are a bit all over the place for this one to summarize. XD;; It's mostly about the Sempais.

  - Next week's question: What do you like or dislike about ___________?
    - Revamping the question section; this is a random process: actual bowl, actual paper, actual names.
    - Our very own Vanna White, Jennie's husband, helps pick the subject, who, this week, is Okamoto Keito of Hey!Say!Jump.
        - Okamoto Pimp Post.
        - Getting to know Okamoto.
    - So, for next week, tell us about your impression of Okamoto Keito!

    - anamuan does KAT-TUN's One on One.
    - kogome18 does Arashi's Kitto Daijobu.
    - supersaiyananf does KAT-TUN's Yorokobi no Uta.
    - Listen and vote for your favorite today!

CLOSING (1:23:43)
  - The birth of JERK.
    - Peyton will hereafter be known as Eiton.

Please contact us with your thoughts and opinions, here at jep_cast, in the comments, or at our email- cast@jepcast.com. You can also reach us via voicemail at 206-202-3859. Please remember that all of these methods can be used when replying to our question of the week - "What do you like or dislike about Okamoto Keito?"! :D Get your answers in so that you can also be a part of the discussion!fun! And remember, next week we'll be continuing Sapuri with episodes 5-8! :)

We're still looking for people to help us out behind the scenes, and if you'd like to volunteer, don't hesitate to contact us via the aforementioned methods.

Hope you all have enjoyed. :Dv
08 11 08 (UTC)
Hmm I once had a very flaily post about Question? performing Mihari on Shounen Club and because I was ignorant about it being from Otokogumi, lege_nya uploaded the song for me. XDD

Her link still works!:P HERE
08 11 08 (UTC)
08 11 08 (UTC)
I'm grabbing this too~ I've been looking for it forever!!
Thank you so much ♥
08 11 08 (UTC)
Yay new episode~ Haha. Um, it was really interesting hearing about Sapuri, because when I was watching it, it was kind of like... so what? So I think it's really cool how one drama can have such different meanings to different peple. :] I like how you're doing a question about a different person each time now, but...my impression of Okamoto Keito is just that I don't really have an impression of him, haha. Anyway can't wait till the next episode, and to see who wins the rap-a-thon. :)
08 11 08 (UTC)
ahahahahahah JERK poor Peyton.

okay i wanna answer the question about Keito

What I like about him: his eyes! when ever i see a picture of him i just have to stare at his eyes for a little bit, they are so pretty and i love the shape of them.

Dislike: that when ever i look at him i get the feel that he is a mini Koki. I think its because of his looks but personality wise he is a little like Koki they are both big teddy bears (well i think so)
08 11 08 (UTC)
Haha I *had* to be argumentative :3

You know, I hate not being able to listen to parts of the podcast (the drama part if I haven't seen the drama). So I stopped the podcast and watched the first 4 eps of Sapuri just so I could listen and understand your opinions ♥ For me too, it seems pretty lack-luster, boarding on annoying D: But I really liked the ending of the 4th episode (Yuya: "I'll attack you", Yuri: I don't mind.") I dunno, I'm thinking now it's gonna get interesting with all the love triangles~

And supersaiyananf, I was really surprised to hear a male voice when I was listening xDDD

As for Okamoto Keito~ I've liked him ever since H!S!JUMP debuted. I liked him because I had never seen him before. He was/is awkward and shy. He doesn't get as much spotlight as some of the others. But that makes me pay attention to him more. He is such a cute boy. Also the fact that he grew up in England and speaks English with a BRITISH accent makes me heart melt. I really like Okamoto Keito and I look forward to watching him grow in JE :3
08 11 08 (UTC)
THIS IS ON MY TO DL LIST. I really want to hear Nikki rap One on One...
08 11 08 (UTC)

I like Sapuri a lot more this time around (watching along with you girls) since i can relate better with the characters now that I'm working.
But in the end, Fuji san still irks me, there is just something about her that i cannot accept. I really want to like this drama, as a Kame fangirl but it's difficult. I enjoy the parts in the Imaoka household more than the office.
08 12 08 (UTC)
When I think of Okamoto, I think about the unknown kid who just popped up in Hey! Say! JUMP. I think I've seen him somewhere before on a Shonen Club episode, or something. But I don't really remember. But my most recent association with Okamoto is 'His arms, his arms!' I keep thinking about his arms. I just can't forget Peyton fangirling about Okamoto's arms. :x (Probably because now there's at least one thing I can associate him with)

Well, I haven't seen the movie Colorful, zo I don't really know about Koki in that one and I don't know if he's cute or not. XD I only know about it from a HEY!x3 clip, from earlier this year.

I didn't know about KIs-my-ft2 and ABC having a concert. But I don't think they'll debut (even though it would be awesome). I think Butoukan has a better chance to debut. And since Kis-My-ft2's Senga and ABC's Tsukada are in Butoukan I don't think they'll let Kis-My-ft2 and ABC debut. (Unless you want a NEWS/Kanjani8-like situation) Well, I want at least one of these three groups to debut. :x

And yay, I'm a guy again. =P
08 12 08 (UTC)
OMG. Don't even get me started on Keito. I'm honestly in love with him OMG. When HSJ first debuted, I totally ignored him but I didn't notice him until recently and now I love him! WHERE ELSE CAN YOU FIND A JAPANESE BOY WHO SPEAKS FLUENT ENGLISH WITH A BRITISH ACCENT?! He seriously needs more spotlight, I'm so sick of all the other ones getting more stage time. T_T He needs more love ~ <33333
08 12 08 (UTC)
I honestly think that I am one of those rare people that liked Keito when he debuted, and pretty much no one knew anything about him. Not only did he look different from everyone (short spiky hair while everyone had shoulder length wavy hair? WHY MAKE HIM CHANGE IT, JOHNNY?! D:), but I could tell that he wasn't gonna be liked easily. And because of that, I was drawn to him. It's like. Idk. I felt like I should be one of those people that like him, despite the fact that almost everyone didn't like him.

...it doesn't make sense. idk.
08 13 08 (UTC)
it would totally be awesome if they debuted as one group but it's probably not going to happen because in total, that would be 11 members and Johnny probably won't want another HSJ thing going on.

and about keito:

Keito is actually my favorite member in HSJ. When HSJ debuted, he defintly stood out because rather than acting like a JE boy, he acted like your regualar average guy. Anyway, it's fun watching him grow xD. He used to look so clueless and whenever there was a camera in front of him, he would be so awkward and shy. But now, he defintly looks more comfortable talking in front of a camera, and his dancing really improved. Ohh and also like Peyton, when i saw the PV for Your Seed, i was literelly screaming "OMG KEITO'S ARMS! HOLY SHIT THERE'S MUSLES BULGING OUT OF HIS ARMS!" xD
08 13 08 (UTC)
Hai, new listener here. ^^ Love you guys by the way. xDDD Anyway, I couldn't stop laughing when I heard, "Lookit! Okamoto's daddy has work!" BWAHAHAH! Also, Arashi's emo faces was awesome. ^^ And Matsujun's crazy dancing because of Kawai-kun's impression, ahh good times. Poor Daiki is put on the same age level as half of HS7. Plus, the fact that Peyton rhymes with Satan is too hilarious. xDDD Now onto the Keito quesiton.

Keito is my favorite 7 member so of course I'd have things to say about him. What I really like about him is that him being silly is so kawaii. x3 Especially on that Hyakushiki episode on ice where he phailed at his ending pose on ice. His stupidity is awesome. Plus, LOOK AT THOSE BICEPS! WHAT KIND OF A 15 YEAR OLD HAS THOSE AMAZING BICEPS! *Flails* xDDD However, I think his voice needs work. I'm glad he stood out in the song "Higher" with Takaki and Yuto, but if you're going to sing loudly, have a good voice. Sore dake! Arigatou-gozaimasu!

~雪ファン ♥
08 13 08 (UTC) - Keito
Well when i first saw the pv of UMP, i knew automatically that Keito was a guy...(yes im a new fan...of JE).
I guess one of the things i love the most about Keito is that...he was an ordinary kid like us. He went to school, hanged out with his friends, you know kid stuff. I also enjoy watching him grow. Compared to the beginning when the group was just formed to now, he's grown alot!(of course i still see some mistakes in the dancing but thats how he learns^^)Perhaps i just like seeing him adapt to his new environment^^. The fact that his personality is quite different from all the other JE boys makes you think of him more too^^ But the one thing i really want to see is to see him in a a drama. =D and..i want to hear him singing..i dont think i have ever actaully heard his voice.... =(
08 13 08 (UTC)
KEITO huh..

I like him cause' he doesn't seem to stand out in the group but actually he is,..coz like everyone is hyper and he looks a bit awkward and different from everyone which made my eyes stared at him...his awkwardness shines bright..>.< !!!!

Though I dislike it when his awkwardness made him looks like he doesn't understand the atmosphere at all...

but I know he is in the inside..<3
08 13 08 (UTC)
There is much to like about Keito xDD

Well, one of the main reasons why I like Keito is because of the little things that he does that makes you really grow onto him. Like his akwardness/weirdness, his smile/chuckle and soft voice, his knight in shining armour acts xDD (rescuing Chinen in Haneru no Tobira and Ryutaro in Utaban) are all things that just makes your heart melt ... *blushes =='''*

Traits about him that I like is his perserverance to get used to being on cameras, dancing and all - right(I mean, he hasn't joined the Jimusho for exactly a long time compared to other memebrs like Yabu or say Yuto =='' i.e. he has way less experience than them) So to try and learn so much in such little time I find admirable.

And of course you have got to love his engrish xDD <33

In short, Keito is awesomely different which makes us (and me) like/love him so much =]

...I'll shut up now xDD ~~
08 14 08 (UTC)
Hi, I've just recently begun listening to you guys and just finally caught up with listening to all the podcasts so I figured I should go ahead and comment.

I have a couple of things to say about the 25th podcast.

First off about Okamoto Keiichi, while he hasn't been acting for some time he seems to still be connected to JE. Apparently he had taken up professional photography as I've noticed that he has done several photo shoots for the Myojo magazine. Especially for Hey! Say! JUMP, who he even took photos for their calender for, which isn't surprising with his son being in the group and all.

As a response to your discussion about Johnny's that have had a fiction story written, a Junior, Kato Kan, is currently writing a story that has its chapters published in the Shogakuyonensei magazine called Chotto Taimu. I have a couple chapters of it up for download over at my JE journal.

And then on to this week's question that I must answer as a HSJ fan. I love Keito. I was a fan of the original HS7 group so when HSJ debuted so I did initially have the 'who is this kid?' kind of reaction to him.

I guess because he did seem to be a bit of a mystery and stood out easily in the group for lacking the JE-idol look I got interested in him. And I was impressed how quickly he seemed to be improving from watching the couple of Hey! Say! lives that he was featured in as a new Junior where he was colliding with others to being able to make it through the Ultra Music Power performance for HSJ's debut without running into anyone.

There's no doubt he still needs to learn a lot to catch up with everyone else in HSJ but you can tell he's working hard to do so. And he seems to be getting along with his group mates well, which is good to see as no one really knew him at all at their debut.

I watch Hyakushiki-Ou, which he's in with Inohara from V6 and a few of the Juniors. Watching the program I can see how he's getting more comfortable in front of the camera and while he still doesn't talk much when he does you can tell it's because he really is interested in what he's talking about.

I also think it's cute that his birthday is April 1st. Plus it makes it really easy to remember, especially when about half of HSJ have birthdays around that time.
08 17 08 (UTC) - ........
Your blog is interesting!

Keep up the good work!
08 25 08 (UTC)
I am so behind on JEP Cast right now, but I blame all the pretty videos that distract me. xDD And my evil computer. xDD

My reaction to the male contestant of the JEP Rap-A-Thon.."Fanboy!" complete with a little bit of squeeing. xDD
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