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JEP Cast
Japanese / Johnny's Entertainment Podcast
[#23] The One Where Ryo is Nino's Younger Sister 
07 27 08
Welcome to the twenty-third episode of jep_cast! :Dv Recorded on July 25th, 2008 with your hosts - Jennie/jadedfrenzy, Peyton/ginzarhapsody, Kamika/tinyangl and the return of Rhey/4_03_am! \:D/ Please excuse the lateness as we all had real life interfere in one way or another when it came to bringing this week's episode together, but in the end, we triumphed and have it here for you! Also, sorry for all the echoes, we were pressed for time and couldn't go in and do our usual cleanup, but hopefully you can make out us and our flail decently enough. :Dv

edit: Please remember to vote here for the next drama jep_cast will be watching!! ♥

The One Where Ryo is Nino's Younger Sister
Running Time: 01:28:35
Size: 40.5 MB (brought to you in a lower bitrate, 64kbs, for smaller size!)
Download Links: MU | SS | MF

Streaming Audio:

Note: If the streaming isn't showing the latest episode, please clear your cache and refresh.

Show Notes:
  ▪ Thank you very much, pipe!smoking!Jin.
  ▪ Another thanks and hello our friends at Hey! Say! Heisei!! *waves*

JE NEWS (3:25)

  ■ Nakai serves as Olympic announcer for TBS, SMAP to sing the theme song, "Kono Toki Kitto Yume Janai" for new single 12
    ▪ Nakai has been hosting the Olympics for a LONG time. :O

  ■ V6's Gakkou e Ikou! MAX ending after over ten years
    ▪ "Mature variety show" huh? ;P
    ▪ Kami has a brainfart. Heyday does NOT Hey!Say!JUMP. o.O
    ▪ Farewell, Gakkou e Ikou! MAX!

  ■ New Drama with Ninomiya, Nishikido, and Toda Erika, Ryusei no Kizuna 123456
    ▪ Peyton is not impressed by lame-o title. *snicker*
    ▪ Did YOU buy the rumors?! Can you believe that this is even REAL?! *laughs*
    ▪ Ryo has the potential to go far, he's just building up his repertoire. ♥
    ▪ The possibility of a Arashi-NEWS collaboration? :OOO
    ▪ "...hyper and low-IQ level...?" "HUH?!"

  ■ Shounen Club Premium with Koyama's interview and Arashi's performances 123
    ▪ Peyton gives the obligatory squee and then babbles on and on about Koyama's awesome. ♥ you know you love it
    ▪ Jennie demands more from Arashi and Rhey is obsessed with that old guy. *snicker*

  ■ "Your Seed" Single singlemaking of
    ▪ Jennie gives her spiffy new toy a shot! and it takes three times to get it right :P
    ▪ "Did they just say something about being NAKED?!" XD
    ▪ JENNIE IS VERY VERY WRONG. erectile dynfunction, WHAT?!
    ▪ "Guys. HIS ARMS." "No." "HIS ARMS!" "NO!!!"

  ■ Music Station AGAIN, July 25th
    ▪ Yamada strives to imitate Jin's American lifestyle. *snicker*
    ▪ Is this the latest trend? Each group has a rapper?
    ▪ This time the echo is for reals. Just Peyton and Kami with ESP. *snicker*

DRAMA TALK (39:30)
  ■ Pride: episodes 4-7
    ▪ Haru's tender loins. Peyton goes, "...what? San Francisco?" *snicker*
    ▪ "Forget Aki! Just like, Haru and Natsukawa need to go off together!" XDDD
    ▪ We try to work through and understand Aki's motivations behind her choices.
    ▪ Anzai/Youko/Hyodo vs. Haru/Aki/Natsukawa?
    ▪ Everyone in this drama is in love with Haru. How sad. o.O
    ▪ "I don't know. It was just so full of shit, this episode."
    ▪ We had serious issues with plot, but we still can admire the beautiful craft that really makes Pride.

  ■ This week's question - Your least favorite Johnny's PV is...?
    ▪ anamuan tells us about her least favorite PV, "It's My Soul" from Kanjani8.
    ▪ Host-wise, Kami ends up agreeing with anamuan and says "It's My Soul", ginzarhapsody says "Flower" from KinKi Kids, 4_03_am says "Kibou ~Yell~" from NEWS, and jadedfrenzy ends it with KAT-TUN's "YOU".
    ▪ RHEY EARNS HER THIRD BATSU POINT! *whoot!* jennie saves herself from a batsu point
    ▪ Next week's question - Who do you think is the girliest in Johnny's? - is begging for your answer. SEND THEM TO US! ♥
    ▪ "...and it's Koyama's 'Private Parts'...HOLY CRAP. I MEANT TO SAY 'PRIVATE HEARTS' THERE. Look what you girls have done to me!"

CLOSING (1:25:45)
  ■ quiraikotsu says, "A while ago in a history lesson, we came across the theory that if a bunch of people were stuck on a deserted island, one immediately becomes the leader, and one becomes the bullied victim. So who out of jep_cast is the leader, and who's the victim? ;)
    ▪ Our answer is really hardly surprising. ;P

Please contact us with your thoughts and opinions, here at jep_cast, in the comments, or at our email: cast@jepcast.com. You can also reach us via voicemail at 206-202-3859. Please remember that all of these methods can be used when replying to our question of the week - "Who do you think is the girliest in Johnny's?"! :D Get your answers in so that you can also be a part of the discussion!fun! And remember next week we'll be finishing off Pride with episodes 7-11! :)
07 28 08 (UTC)
"Who do you think is the girliest in Johnny's?"
I was about to say 'HANDS DOWN- TEGOSHI'
but hey, come to think of it, sometimes ryo has his exceptionally girly moments... when his photoshoots have a pink background 0__o
07 28 08 (UTC)
I was going to say the girliest is obviously Tegoshi (am I alone in thinking that he and Horikita Maki with her Hana Kimi haircut could probably pass for each other?) but then I thought about Kame in his schoolgirl cosplay, and Chinen sitting in everyone's lap in the Hey! Say! making-of (he may be trying to be Tegoshi, actually,) and Yamada Ryosuke all the time, and suddenly this is really hard. And actually my brother took a lot of persuading that Ueda wasn't a girl. (I'm sorry, Ueda!)

So, uhm, probably Tegoshi for most consecutive years looking like a girl. But he has a head start and Hey! Say! 7 are trying really hard.
07 28 08 (UTC)
am I alone in thinking that he and Horikita Maki with her Hana Kimi haircut could probably pass for each other?
NOT AT ALL. I am so one of those people. lol

Seriously. First impression is Tegoshi. Hands down, then you think and wow, there are a load of girly JE boys. lol
07 29 08 (UTC)
Addendum because I was inspired:

Decided to test the Tesshi/Maki theory because it is never not a good time for photos of Tegoshi for science. So I sent my cousin (as the first male unlucky enough to sign online) this photo of Maki, and followed it up with this one of Tego. Super-scientific observations are as follows:

1. My cousin thinks Maki's gorgeous (truth!) and
2. Apparently cannot read, because
3. He was not amused to discover that he'd been drooling over a boy as well. (But I was!)

Special footnote 4. I think my male friends are going to disown me.

All in all I think this counts as a point in Tegoshi's favor.
07 28 08 (UTC)
Girliest Tegoshi?? :O
I think Ueda! My non JE fans look at him and are like, "is he a GIRL?... "

But it's cos of that that he's cool. xD In a very pretty boy way. haha!
07 28 08 (UTC) - It's Johnny!
Maybe the old guy is Johnny Kitagawa. Isn't he always popping up in places and no one knows who he really is? LOL
07 28 08 (UTC) - Re: It's Johnny!
LOL Yup, that was him. He's always the "old guy" that these boys talk about in interviews. Kinda hilarious.
07 28 08 (UTC) - Re: It's Johnny!
I think she was talking about the old guy that Rhey was fixated on dancing behind Arashi? Maybe?
07 28 08 (UTC) - Re: It's Johnny!
LOL IF THAT'S TRUE, THAT'S AWKWARD. ...I feel like going back and watching just to see, but I doubt it. LOL Can Johnny even DANCE?
07 28 08 (UTC)
Yay another episode! Hehe. :) Yay for flailing about Koyama because somehow he's getting more and more to be my favourite JE boy, and I can almost *never* pick favourites so that's so weird. And yay for the Your Seed making of! So cute. :D Wow, that's a lot of yays. Anyway. The Pride talk was fascinating... you guys always point out a lot of things that I don't notice, and I love that, so yeah. Also, ew mother complex. I almost stopped watching at that part haha. I can't believe all the It's My Soul hate! I love that. So cracky. XD I guess that's just me though. But, for the question of the girliest JE boy...hm. I remember when first getting into JE, I thought so many of them looked girly, haha, but not so much now. But I'd have to say...Uchi. Totally. Just everything about him, really, the way he looks and acts and his voice. Totally a girl. Yup. Um, and you said about people helping out behind the scenes...for most of that I didn't even know what you were talking about, haha, but you did mention transcribing...? That's just like, typing out what you guys said, right? Anyway I totally love this podcast, so if you need any easy help like that, I'm totally up for it. :D
07 29 08 (UTC)
Messaging you :D
07 29 08 (UTC)
Okay, I just realized that you have messaging disabled and don't have an email listed so please contact me at jennie@jepcast.com so we can discuss the transcribing. Thanks!
07 29 08 (UTC)
Heh, sorry 'bout that, okay! :D
07 28 08 (UTC)
I'm going to do this before I forget, because I didn't do the questions for like the last 3 weeks or whatever because I listen to the episodes like a week after they're released because I fail big time. xDD

Who do you think is the girliest in Johnny's?
I want to be biased as hell and go with Ueda because he's my favorite from KAT-TUN, but Ohkura can be girly looking as hell sometimes and I love it. So its a tie I guess, between Ueda and Ohkura..oh and Uchi because he needs some love too. xDDD

To sum it all up...Ueda, Ohkura and Uchi. xDD Guess who I consider in first out of three though? Yeah its Ueda cause I'm biased like that. xD

This is what happens when I get a question like this..I get indecisive and can't choose so I end up saying 3 people. xDD
07 28 08 (UTC)
By girliest do you just mean who most looks like a girl? Or who most has girly tendencies? (Or both?)
Because, Tegoshi looks like a girl a lot, but he doesn't exactly act like a girl. On the other hand, on certain occassions, Ryo acts fairly girly, but he definitely does not look like a girl.
And, Jin looks pretty girly when he's dressed up like one, so.
Okay, nevermind, I'm being too critical. Sorry. :(

Tegoshi is most girly in my opinion. :D
07 28 08 (UTC)
LOL no, this is fine. You could've chosen each one really. It was your choice in the end what "girliest" stood for. Because I totally agree with you on most of those points. (Jin screeches like a girl too.)
07 28 08 (UTC)
I love Hey!Say!JUMP like they are my adorable little brothers but seriously I too flailed over Keito's arms. It doesn't help that I have a thing for guys with nice arms *coughUeda&Ryocough* so yeah

I entered :3
07 29 08 (UTC) - I think I'm going to have a nightmare tonight
In which I see Ryo walking around in very short shorts **ugh!!!**
I've just finished watching Kanjani8's "It's my soul" PV and ...
I'm scarred 4 life now T.T
I don't want to see that ever again >.<
... Wait, the shorts look very tight...
...Are they dancing around in boxers??!! No, I don't want to know and I'm not downloading the HQ version...
07 29 08 (UTC) - Re: I think I'm going to have a nightmare tonight
07 29 08 (UTC)
07 29 08 (UTC)
Girliest? It has to be between Tesshi or Jin

And the rapping in the HSJ special medley is from Ultra Music Power. Hikaru was rapping there and they mixed it into the special medley.

BTW, awesome job. I <3 your work
07 29 08 (UTC)
I LOL'ed so hard during this episode. XD But if I'd see Toda Erika, she wouldn't even have to swindle my money, because I'd give it to her. =P Erika ilu! XD But Jenny and Your Seed probably made me laugh the most. XD Hooray for the marching band and the return of Private Parts. \o/

"Who do you think is the girliest in Johnny's?"
Well, probably Tegoshi. Last night when I was thinking about this question, I thought Maki in hanaKimi was even manlier than Tegoshi. o__o But, well... it's the truth. =P
07 30 08 (UTC)
so this is my first time posting here, I have been listening to you guys for a while now and orginally came on board because I did a jdrama pimp post for my flist and read about your drama section. at that time I had really no idea about JE, I mean, I knew that MatsuJun was in a band (after watching HYD) and I heard people talk about Yamapi before, but oh well, I basicly had no idea. I mean, I even watched Nobuta wo Produce without knowing about Kame!
anyway, so I downloaded the epiosode in which you discussed HYD and because I somehow didn't realize that the drama segment is at the end I "had" to listen to the rest of the episode as well. and guess what? I was intrigued by you guys and the way you flailed about peopel I had never even heard of, so because I loved hearing this so much I decided to go gather information on JE, and that how it all started. so thanks to you girls I'm now in this awesome fandom. thanks so so much.

anyway, because no one I know had ever heard of JE I simply decided to spam my nieces (7 and 12) with JE related videos and now they sort of love it as well, and I'm currently teaching the younger one all of there names and she is extremly proud when she can distinguish one from the other. xD the reason I'm meantioning this is because of you question:"Who do you think is the girliest in Johnny's?" as I am relativly new to the fandom, and thanks to my download limit (-.-) I haven't seen THAT many clips, but as my nieces thought that Ueda was a girl as soon as they saw him, and believe me it took a lot of convincing on my part to get them to believe otherwies, I would say form me it is Ueda as well.

anyway, sorry for this large comment and I really hope it wasn't too boring to read. xD anyway, I just wanted to thank you, and I can't wait for the next episode. :)
07 31 08 (UTC)
Who's the girliest??It's gotta be Jin cos no one can pull off that pink nurse outfit and blonde wig like him, NO ONE...not Kame, not Ueda, not Tegoshi, not Ohkura, not any girl in the universe.

I'm really interested to hear how you girls and others came to this fandom and what made u stay? Maybe u can discuss this in the future letter segment.
07 31 08 (UTC)
We actually have discussed this before. I believe we mentioned it fairly early on in the beginning episodes and then I'm pretty sure the topic came up during Episode 16 as well when we discussed how we all met and how jepcast was started. Oh! And I think we may have kinda touched on it in Episode 17 when we talked about what we would be doing if we never got involved in fandom. Maybe. I don't know. I just remember talking about this before XD LOLOL

But um. Let me know if I'm just delusional and we really HAVENT talked about this. It's been known to happen.
08 01 08 (UTC)
Ack, you totally have discussed this before!!! I'm sorry, it probably did not register in my head cos it was discussed over different episodes..No wonder i was hessitant about asking about it, i knew something was wrong.
08 08 08 (UTC)
Oh, don't feel that way! I think it's AWESOME that you are suggesting stuff!
08 07 08 (UTC)
Ok so it took me long enough to listen to this. xDD But in my defense I kept getting distracted by pretty boys so its not my fault. xDD

Why does saying that KAT-TUN are in cages sound so wrong to me?! Its like their dogs but their aren't. xDD

Ok someone said swindlers and I'm automatically shouting out KUROSAGI! aka dear Yamapi. xDDD

I actually like Bokuen Rider..and well I giggle every time they say 'hadaka'. xDD

I'M WATER~ God that is stuck in my head now. And I hear it in Hikaru's voice. I blame Kami because its her fault for making me hear her saying yo in my head. xDD

"Hikaru shows fail, then Chinen shows his awsome."
That sounds dirty to me for some reason. xDD

Oh my god, watch one day HSJ is going to have a circus themed pv and Chinen will be riding an elephant.

Kisumai has like..4 rappers. If not 7. I don't know..all I know is that Taipi, Mitsu, Senga and Wataru rap. I don't really know about Nika, Tama-chan, or Miyata. xDD

I agree that the curtains are bad in Kibou~ Yell, howver I love that pv because it has Notti. Oh and Uchi, I love them both~

Private Parts Parts Parts~

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